May 21, 2008

The Last Gathering

Monday, May 19th

Finally my duty as a Representative of Provoke! Magazine ( Repro ) in SMA 6 was over. No more gathering, no more sallaries and no more all-you-can-eat moment.

Provoke! held the last gathering for us, Repro Vol.2, in Hey Folks! Jl. Bumi. As usual, the gathering was not on time. Boris as a distribution manager told us to come on 5 pm. But the gathering started around 7 pm. I don't give a shit about it. I went there with adit and arrived around 5.30 pm. The gathering was good! We had barbeque and there was some games with 'wow-prizes' ( tickets of clickfive, sandals of macbeth and new cd of koil ). Anyways, I got sandals of Macbeth from that game!! There was more than 20 Repros came to the gathering. I was miserable there. The gathering signed us that we will be seperated. Me and the agent provocateurs, me and others repros, all of us will be separated. Ahhh I learned a lot from Provoke, learn about how to be organized, interpersonal relationship, a lot! And it just over. And I won't get Provoke! easily every month. Subscribe for Provoke! will be queue in my wish list. Btw, thx to Provoke! for giving me chance to have contribution in Provoke!. Keep up the goodwork, guys!

Representative of Provoke Volume 2
yea yea, i know it is too dark.

I saw lomo, many lomos!, in hey folks! Ah, fall in love with the coloursplash one! I must collect money around Rp 800.000 to have it! Wish me luck to have it SOONER!

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