May 4, 2008


It's just a list. It means nothing.

1. I love Silver Queen cashew

2. I want people know me because of who I am and because of my ability on something, not because I am a friend of bla bla bla. In fact, most of people know and start to approach me because of my friend. They always ask "Who's she? Is she your friend? Oh, she is beautiful. Can you introduce myself to her?" and so on. That's sucks, people. I am not such a match maker.

3. I adore Sissy Priscilia and Nicholas Saputra. They are so damn HOT!

4. I am cat and dog lover. I have a cat named Kuying. I know it's silly name, but I love to call it with that name. Unique indeed :)

5. I hate boys' way to know something about me. At first, they tell their stories (esp. their love stories), if they had finished their stories, they start to ask "and you? How's your love life? Who is your 'gebetan'?" and so on, and so on. And idk why, i tell them my stories! It happened to me. TWO TIMES with the same way!

6. Why people are easy to be a trend follower? Why are some people going to be mad if i call them as a poser?

7. I have 3 best friends. Well, gw bukan bermaksud untuk mengkotak2an teman, tapi cuma 3 orang ini lah yg lg deket bgt sm gw. They have many tallents. Niken is a drummer;a happy-maker. Sarah is a pianist;a balerina;a model;a singer. Thea has a perfect life. Lovely bf, lovely friends, lovely family. And sometimes, I just feel hmmmm...I am no one when I'm with them.

8. I love all songs on Prambors Nubuzz. Adhitia Sofyan, Bluey, Sindentosca, The Ellise, These R Fake, Urban Vibe, Afternoon Accidental, Closehead and many more. Is there anyone know how to get their mp3?

9. One thing that i never regret : to be a shs student in SMA 6 Jakarta. I learned everything from this school. I met my besties, I got an incredible class on 11th grade, I had so many experiences with my school mates. Ah, I never imagine if I had to go from this school to be a college student. Padahal, itu tinggal menghitung bulan sajaa..

10. I hate my Dad. HATE, with capital letters. I never feel comfortable when I am having a conversation with him. He just has a narrow minded. He is naive. He always speaks loudly. He is an odd. I hate him so much. I hate to spend my leisure time in my house, esp. when my dad is around. So, I spend most of my time in any places, except home. I'm home when I am hungry or sleepy. Pernah gw diramal, si peramal itu nebak kalo gw di rumah itu uda kaya nge-kos. Cuma buat makan, tidur, terus pergi lagi. He gave some advice, I should have a private time with my dad. Barbeque party will work. HAHAHAHAHA.. Mamam! I never want to have it with him. Sucks.

11. I want to have part time job. So i don't have to ask for money to my dad.

12. I am blessed.

13. I hate rain. Rain is wet. And I hate to be wet.

14. I love weekend. It's time to go out from home. It's time to have fun and forget all sucks things.

15. I love being myself. But sometimes, people can't understand about the real of who i am.

16. I am sick of being single. Fiuhh. It's already one year without someone who hugs, kisses and greets me every day.

17. I love Batam. Batam means "shop 'till drop".
18. I miss my twin brothers, Gideon and Daniel. They live in Malang, and I just can meet them once a year, in xmas holiday. Oh, they grow older. This year, they will be a shs student. I wish all the best for them.

19. I love making friends in any place. Friendster misalnya. I have met Gepa on fs, and we still keep contact until now. I have met Arthur on fs too dan sekarang jg masih tetep keep contact dan saling membantu. I have met Iza on Repro gathering, dan sampe sekarang kita jadi deket. Hmmmm... When we go out to search a friend, we won't find any friend. But when we go out to be a friend, we'll find friends anywhere. So, let's making friends.

20. Thx God, I have them :
Thea, Niken, Sagil, Yulia, Ria, Kenny, Kelvin, Adrian, Arthur, Jason, Mariska, Feshia, Arlynd, de Dyan, Ketut, Arli, Dhety, Pyo, Fany, Arland, Ari, Geri, Dela L., Dela A., Anggit, Jessica, Adhit, Iton, Pandu R., Chandra, Gerrets, Steven, Ipank, Mr. Dony, Mr. Aris, Ms. Mirry, Icha, Alvin, Nia, Citra, Ano, Arrum, Pora, Dodo, Matthew, Armant, Narji, Zashi, Gita, Mari, Mami, Wina, Nana, Oliv, Adelita, Doan, Chika, Cyntya, Wisnu, Bibib, Eet, Tian, Nunu, Dea, Tika, Eva, Wuri, Cynthia...and all people who fills many colors in my every single day. Tell me, if you don't find your name in the list.

21. I love googling, friendster-ing, blogging, facebook-ing and doing a thing with many internet's stuff.

22. I eat fastly. I eat everything. I love eat!

23. I like smart person. I like to have conversation with someone who-knows-everything.

24. I wanna watch Ironman, Earth, Juno, One Missed Call, Forbidden Kingdom, Fool's gold. But i don't have any time and any money.

25. I fall in love with all deers in Istana Bogor. They are very cute and I have a dream to have a photo session with them.

26. Kenapa sekarang banyak sekali global-warming organization? Ada temen gw yg ikut salah satu organisasi itu tapi kayaknya buat buang sampah pada tempatnya aja dia susah banget, and she uses a car to go to school. Padahal rumahnya ga sampe 1 km dr sekolah. Why don't we start to save this our mother earth (as they called) from ourselves?
27. I know, my english is horrible. Well, I am not an english teacher. I just try to use my english's ability.

28. I want to finish this list.

Ok. Finish. Ciao.