May 16, 2008

pika pika!

pika-pika kaa ka pi kaa pika pikaa Pika-chu.
pika-pika Pii Chu Piii ka pika-pi Pikaa chuuu-chuu kaa chu pii pipi.
piikachu kaaa piikachu pikaa Ka Pipi.
Pipi piika, Pikapi pikachu piii kaaa Pi chuu chu pi-pika-pika Pika pikapi Pikachu pika-pika pika pi Chuu.
Piii Chu???

Everyone try to fill my day with their colours.
Everyone try to make me forget about something bad in the past.
Everyone feel confused about my mind.
They think, every single word that i said is different with every single feeling that i felt.

Translated by pikachizer