Jun 3, 2008


New web Counting! want to know how much my visitors. ahahahahayy...

I had improved my SNMPTN try out's results. YAAAAYYYY!!!
First week : *IPA : 28 % *IPS : 20 %
Second week : *IPA : 27 % *IPS : 35 %
Third week : *IPA : 33 % *IPS : 35 %
Ok, it is too far from Sastra Inggris UI's passing grade or Adm. Fiskal's. But I felt satisfied with my score ;DDD

My Geografi's teacher, Ka Dora, has a special talent to make me laugh out loud. Can't wait until his class.. aaahhhhhh...

New boy-interest. Canisius boy in my BTA class is really caught my attention! I think, I always like a boy with oriental looks! It proved by 4 boys that I ever liked before. ahahahahayy...