Jul 27, 2008

Laborious days

So many things have happened to me throughout this laborious week, in the middle of those what - you - call - disaster set of mind-blowing college things *I still don't get an uni to search knowledges on*. Some are good, some are bad, some are unexpected. Can't stop feeling grateful about all those things. Okay, here it goes.

July 25th

Firstly, I watched WANTED *Phewww.. Finally*. I watched it intuitively last friday. On that afternoon, I went to prambors to take two tickets of Puber film and its goody bag, which I got by joining quiz on prambor's site. Then, I heard that some friends of mine were on pim. So, I went to pim and finally watched wanted *after dirayu bujukan setannya niken fany kenny. gyahaha..*. By the way, this movie blows and not in a good sense of the word. Over all, this movie kicked ass. I just love it. Every moment there is something going on and the twists and turns are wonderful. Oh ya, not forget to mention an awesome Angelina Jolie without comparison for the role in a couple reasons : She can act, She can be king but mean, She's HOT. Now people can see clearly Brad Pitt made the right choice by leaving Jennifer Aniston ;D GO SEE THIS MOVIE!

July 26th

Tes stis di pondok kelapa. Gw telat, matematik ga bisa apa2. Ga menariklah untuk diceritakan. Okay, satu orang akan pergi tanggal 21 Agustus ini untuk mencari ilmu ke negeri kincir angin. She held farewell party at tomodachi on July 26th. To Putu, an amazing chairmate throughout my grade 10th. I'm grateful to have a friend like you. And well, to be honest, I never expect that you will continue your study abroad. Since I knew that you are a panic-person and not have huge self confident like niken has *dia mah kepedean*. Proud, of course, you got that scholarship and you'll move there soon. You are already grown up now, alright? Yang bikin sedih di fw putu itu pas movie - bikinan - niken - yang - dibikin - sampe - jam - duabelas - malem diputer. gyahaha.. *thx to niken for making it*. Yang bikin lebih terharu lagi, makanannya udah pada abis pas si Hana mau ngambil untuk yg kedua kalinya :)))) Ga deng. Yang bikin lebih terharu lagi itu, pas putu nangis kejer beberapa menit setelah nonton video itu. Jadinya, yah kita ngambil momen itu buat foto2. hehe.. Gw juga cuma bisa nepuk2 bahu dia dan minta cariin bule di sana. hahaha.. I wish you'll gain all success in there. Keep contact, putu. 'till we meet again..

July 27th

I got 5 free premiere tickets from another quiz in prambors *again*. OH MY GOD film, staring Desta Club80s, Ringgo, Revalina, Maia E. A new film, which release on August 1st but I have a chance to watch that film this morning in senayan city. Review filmnya ga penting untuk diceritain. Hanya sebuah film Indonesia yg tipikal sekali dgn kehidupan anak sma sekarang. Popular vs unpopular.

Well, gw ngajak adhit, arthur, dan temennya arthur yg namanya Jojo. Dan ke-mt-an pun terjadi selesai nonton film ini. It's really funny when you think about it. How your attitude and priority suddenly changed when a beautiful feeling just come around banging on your door. I mean, when that moment comes, all of a sudden your world disappears, and it somehow feels like there is only you and the particular person who gave you the banging feeling earlier in everything that you do. And you'll sacrifice just about ANYTHING to get close to that person, no matter what happens.

Ok, gw LEBAY. Sebenernya case nya hanyalah, I let adhit go home earlier because I would go to the church with arthur and his friend. Hehe.. Sorry bgt dit :))) . Look that case. Mementingkan boy-interest *uuups* than a friend. Mt mt mt mt..

Padahal sepanjang waktu ke gereja, yg gw temui adalah orang yg sama. Masih sama. Yang masih cuek, yg ga sadar atau pura2 ga sadar, who always gives me fake hopes all the time and being a retarded dumb-ass myself I stupidly believe on those fake hopes.

So here I am, in another messed night, with rain fall drop and lamp off *baca : mati lampu*. Jarang ujan2 gini malah mati lampu. Bukan dinikmati malah sibuk teplokin nyamuk yg bejibun. Shit.