Jul 4, 2008

~ meine freundin

dearest blog, this is Kenny. Kenny, this is my blog :)

This post is dedicated to R.I.P. Kenny Wala.. *langsung digaplok sama Kenny*. Ya begitulah. Kenny emang maennya suka kasar. nyahahaha.. engga deng. Kenny is the kindest friend that I ever had *cross finger* *ditimpuk opel blazer sama Kenny*. Piss Ken.. Jadi ceritanya, si Kenny minta dieksisin di blog gw. Jadi ya beginilah.

Kenny is one of my best friends in high school, well i'm not a high school student anymore. I've known this guy since a couple of years ago. The first time we were being introduced to each other in XI IPA 6, my heart was beating so fast actually we had same class at that moment. He sat behind my chair in the class. His chairmate is Adrian. On the other hand, I sat with Thea, a charm girl *diplototin sama Thea*. Since that meeting, I knew that he really is a girl's bestfriend, with his care and polite attitude, he's like a good boy for us. Eventhough Kenny and Adrian are very like to tease me, but so far their words are not rude like Jason's.

Dalam satu tahun itu, kita berempat jadi bener2 deket. We had some time together talking about our stuff. Mariska and Feshia call us as a 'geng freak'. Soalnya kita, especially Adrian dan Kenny, seneng banget ber-la-la-land. We have different personality from each other.

Adrian is a director-wannabe. He had written a scenario in a book and imagine what if that scenario will be played by a super star movie. And in fact, that book has just been gone. Hahaha.. Kenny is very addicted to music, film, and gadgets. Oh not forget to mention GIRLS. Yes, he is addicted to girls. Hmm, just a lil bit. He just can't live with a single status. Hahaha.. Lebay gw. Kalo personality Thea sama gw, out of the record deh. nyahahaha.. Over all, we always complete our every single day, the day when we still together in class, doing assignment together, filling 'jam pelajaran kosong' in class by sharing headset together. Aaaahh... that day!
sharing headset together

Duh, gw kan lagi mau ngomongin Kenny. Ok fokus. Kenny Kenny Kenny Kenny... Hmmm.. He got the look, he got the brain, and he got the heart. That words can capture Kenny. Is there anyone want to be his gf? Oh, I'm forget to tell you that he dated Sagil since last year. And it has been about hmmm.... 5 months, I guess. Fyi, Sagil is also one of my best friends. So, best friend dated best friend!! ahahahay.. I'm one of their matchmakers lohhh..

Kenny and Sarah. 22-12-07.

Kenny tuh pejuang cinta. Perjuangan dia buat ngedapetin Sagil bisa di liat di sini. Yaa begitulah dia.. Temen cerita, temen nyontek pr, temen minta jajanin, temen buat ditebengin, temen enak buat jalan, temen enak buat shopping, temen yang kadang2 suka bikin geleng2 kepala saking moodynya, just a simply word, FRIEND. Dan sayang sekali, gw masih punya utang ke dia. Utang headset mennn. Intinya, headset dia ga sengaja ilang gara2 gw. huhuhu..

Doh. Gotta go to eat. Laper!