Jul 14, 2008

My 18th

Eighteen, which means I'll soon be nineteen, and to be honest sometimes, I wish that wasn't so. Where did the time go? These past years have been truely amazing. Both with my life and watching everyone grow up. I never thought these days would be here so fast.

Each day I want to learn to live my life "a little better". I want to be "a little more forgiving", "a little more merciful", and "a little more kind". I want to enjoy my many crazy days a little more with my little crazy besties. I want to be a little less jealous of those around me. I want to have a little more faith so I can become a little more Christlike. Honestly, all I want for my 18th birthday is a uni which accepts me as its student!!

Oh well, Happy 18th birthday, Atalya. 18 already. I am legal now..

By the way, thank you for all the birthday wishes. You all made my day.