Aug 10, 2008

~ OUR the last panama


Can't believe my arrival to Malang is nearly here already. Yesterday my dad searched for plane tickets and train tickets, but it was sold out until August 17th. So, my dad bought bus tickets and I will go to Malang on August 14th. Fixed. T_T Batal sudah rencana liburan ke garut. I know, they are ( baca : niken sagil ) feel dissapointed. But, I can't do ANYthing except let the three of them ( or it can be four, if they want to invite Fany) go to Garut. But they don't want to. And I just feel guilty. Sucks. I hate this feelings.

Well anyways. I went to Le Bridge last night ( gw dua hari berturut2 ke ancol meeen ) with panamas. Panamas are my friend from grade 11th. We had same class in XI IPA 6 and we named it The Last Panama and the members called as panamas. Got it? So, I went to Le bridge with Feshia, Kenny, Naomi, Yulia, Dian, Vera, Ucok, Arman, Narji. We originally visited the Le bridge because we wanted to held an un-official farewell party before each of us move to colleges.

Janjian sama kenny di sekbil. Ke 6 janjian sama feshia, naomi. Terus RENCANA ke riot 2nd bday di taman ria senayan dulu bentar buat beli baju tye dye. Udah semangat bgt beli tye dye sampe gw feshia ambil duit dulu di atm, sampe gw nyogok kenny dgn membelikan dia satu tye dye. Pas sampe di taman ria, TICKETS ARE SOLD OUT. f*ck. Adhit yg udah di dalem kagak bisa dititipin tye dye. hufff.. pupus sudah keinginan gw pake baju tye dye ke unbraw. HAHA.. Btw, please bgt kalo lo tau tempat jual baju tye dye, GIVE ME SOME INFO! Please, guys..

Nyampe di Ancol jam 7an. Yg laen belom pada nyampe. Kita berempat makan dulu di A&W. Pas sisanya udah nyampe, kita baru ke le bridge.



Here we are, up up and away, ready to fly and pursue our dreams. But our legs are still tied up by memories of the past, of those days, of friends, of moments, of our young spirits. I personally don't want to move on with my life. I wanna still be with you, guys. Doing all those crazy things we used to do, laughing our heads off, crying our hearts out, just living life the way we wanted to, wraped in those ugly white-and-grey uniform outfits that symbolize our youthful day. When we were once together.

Oh well, I'm thankful that I have been given the chance to have you all in my high school time. This is the best moment of my life.

Ada di kelas sebelas ipa enam. Ngerasain perasaan asing banget pas baru masuk. Ngerasain seneng2nya jalan2 sama kalian. Jalan2 ke mana aja udah kita wujudin. Ngerasain kompaknya kelas ini. Ngerasain selek2an dan keegoisan kita masing2 pas ke Bandung. Ngerasain susahnya buat nyari nilai tuntas di pelajaran KIMIA. Ngerasain sama2 bgt pas liburan ke puncak. Ngerasain rasa sedih pas kelas tiga kita pada pisah2. Dan ngerasain perasaan yang super sedih saat ini. Time to be separated.

Just a simple statement of sincere gratitude. That you guys stay. For eternity. In my heart. Forever will be.

p.s : Photos soon! Nunggu tagged dari vera di facebook.

p.s.s : Kenny bikin video the last panama yg katanya liat openingnya aja udah bikin nangis. Hehe.. Tapi gw belom sempet liat, ken. My comp is out of order.

p.s.s.s : theaaa, si ratu ayu diomongin anak2. Pada gèdèk sm dia tuh. hahaha..