Nov 11, 2008

got tagged

Got tagged by Juneou.. And here we go!

6 random things about me :
1. I have a simple name. Consits of first name (taken from the bible) and last name (a name which so-called pasaran name).
2. The oldest daughter and the sister of twin brothers
3. I am a good person, a good daughter, a good sister, a good niece, a good cousin, a good grandchild, a good girlfriend, a very good friend, and a good Christian *winks*
4. Quiz hunter yg cukup sukses. Check this post and you can see how lucky I am. bahahahaha..
5. I love travelling. Going around the new places, going there, going there, spending too much money, time, and energy.
6. Having too much, like MUCH, of guilty pleasure ;)

6 random things I like :
1. All internet stuff!
2. Hanging out too much with friends!
3. My action sampler.
4. I really really like my handphone just the way it is.
5. Silver queen!! The cashew one.
6. Magazines, novels, newspaper!

6 random things I don't like :
1. Having no money
2. Rain
3. Having too much expectation
4. Backstabber
5. Big liar
6. 'Kemenyek' people

6 quirky things about me :
1. When I still awake at 1 in the midnight, I will still awake until the morning come.
2. My first thing in the morning is handphone. Check texts, open opera mini, check fb, fs, and blog. Sounds crazy, huh?
3. I have 35 ambitions written on a very sacred book *winks*
4. I usually have temporary passion on something.
5. I am too kind, sometimes I even cannot say NO. hahaha..
6. I have a very weird way of laughing *in all my friends' opinion*

6 things that makes me happy :
1. I can make people smile and laugh
2. Having holiday
3. Friends. Close friends.
4. Using my creative side by making something and giving it to other people and when they say thank you and smile, it'll make me feel very happy.
5. Getting something because of my effort.
6. God answers my prayers on the very very right time!

Well, I don't think I should tag any people, but Ussyong.... I decide to tag you. It is a gift for you since you allowed me to know your javalova. hahaha.. *hugs*

Notes : I really really REALLY feel sorry to some of my friends who feel grieved by reading my post, this post.. I really really REALLY don't mean it. I'm sorry, guys (esp. galih, ika, and others) :))))