Jan 8, 2009

The relief

I haven't got anything to write about in this blog, except tagging thingy.. I just finished my last core course exams today. Oh.. I feel so reeeelieved that I managed to study for the exam. I was not sure whether I could do the exams well at first. But things turned out to be different. I did the exams, esp structure exam, better than a girl who-changed-'good'-word-become-'goodly' HUAHUAHUAHUA *stare deeper to usi*. Oh well si, you'd better put the word of S.T.U.D.Y. on your forehead during the exam.. Ondeeee mandee bayangkan ada seekor seorang mahasiswa yg tidak belajar waktu UAS.. ckckck.. According to you..(baca : menurut lo?).. Hopefully we can get good results.

4 MORE exams : b.indonesia, MKI, toefl test, agama
2 MORE important events : Brawijaya xmas celebration, 'performance class' day
They should be away SOON!! Then, I can feel the breath of freedom and the breath of jakartaaaa. huhu can't wait to go homeeeee :(

To me, the difficult cases of the end of this semester are MKI and Agama!
MKI : I'm not really good on memorizing the weird words which fill up my notes!
Agama : I don't even know what I must study about for the exam. Dosennya gaji butaaaa!
Pasrah deh uas besok :(

This afternoon, I was killing my time by facebook-ing on the net and removing soo many I-don't-even-know-who-you-are which listed as my fb friends.. For now, I just want to restrict the access of my facebook and friendster and my other account on other friend networking site(s)..

Ah yaaaaa I found my long lost friend on facebook. Introducing Pandu... You can see him on his blog.. When I found him on fb, I was like "geez it's been like yearssssss since last I met him".. Actually he was my elementary school friend. So we catched up to each other by having a conv on ym. haha.. Then I also received email from my JHS student. What a day!It's been also years I didn't meet her. Introducing Chika.. Geez, I miss her badly :(

conv with pandu :)

Chika's email :)

Besooook uas B.Ind & MKI setengah delapan paaagi.. Belom belajar apa2.. Belom makaaan.. Belom tiduuur.. Belom gosok gigi... Make it simple. I feel like, WHAT THE HELL!!!