May 1, 2009

morning updates

Good morning, world.

Friday morning routine : jogging session. It's like 5 in the morning. I woke up lazily. Texted ussi, wake her up. Then, I slept again..

And now it's around 6 in the morning. It's time to wait for ussi to pick me up.

Now 6.05 a.m. Aaaaaaargh. Too late for jogging.

I've been listening to Mocca. I just love listening to Mocca over and over again. I Love You Anyway, And Rain Will Fall, It's Over Now, You, What If suit me best..

On a side note, I just freaking hate TUKANG TELAT and TUKANG BOONG. Shitty head. I just don't understand why people are, like so annoying this morning. Pardon my exageratting.

Ussi pick me up at 6.10 a.m. and now we're just having another good time of seeing gym-ing people while waiting to Rizal, another ngaret-er who always runs 6 rounds nonstop. Mantap.

Ussi's in loveeeeee.. I'm in loveeeeee.. Our love life have grown up better. wakakak.. Ussi is doing better. She'll be much better than she is now. Good luck, beybiiii..

This morning. It's never been any better when you sit in front of lovely dovey couple.

Ihirrrrrrrrrrrr.. Uuuuuh mengiri.