Aug 30, 2009

Forever College

Hi. What a week. And yesterday, it was a blast.

Just went shopping yesterday at some flea markets in Batu with ussi, vira, mia, nesa, wahyu. Seperti biasa wahyu seperti wanita pria pada khususnya, semangat belanja tp malah ga dapet apa2. The shopping itself went quite fun and end up going back home with a several amount of extra-cool stuff with Rp 75.000 only :) Ga sabar nunggu baju2 itu keluar dari laundry.

Now the job's done, done with ospek, got great times, got good new friends, got the best relationship with group #11 :) Kamis (27/8) sempet buka puasa bareng mereka and it was fun. Soalnya makan gratis :P Thanks for 4 hari ospek kemaren. I'm not that goooood to be your advisor. Nice moment.

Waktu gw udah selesai dgn beban itu, dikasih lagi beban lainnya. Ezer asked me to be CFO camp maba because no one wants to be placed at that position. And now, I just think that nothing is impossible when we want to do something impossible. Well, I have no skill in getting fund for an event, have to prepare something-millions in approximately one month for that event. But we did it. Ga sampe juta2an sih dapetnya. We got some benefits in the first day we looked for fund by selling es buah around brawijaya. A very good start. Thanks to the hardwork and there is a lot of money wait for our next es buah, proposal or something we can sell ;)

Well, phils bisa dibilang yg lumayan nyita waktu gw. But one more thing you have to know, I will not let myself consider things that I have to do become a burden for me. Gw yg dulu berkomitmen mau aktif di PMK, gw juga yg harus mempertanggungjawabkan. Ga boleh setengah2 buat Tuhan. Harus totalitas. Wish us luck to do our own job well.

Talking about burden, ternyata sometimes gw ini jadi beban buat ussi. I asked too much to her (nebeng). And it becomes burden for her. Aaaaaaaarh I hate burdening people. Sorry for that, didn't mean to give you a sorrow. Maybe if I ever need help, I will ask for it in a very kind manner as I'm the one who needs it. I will do everything I could to handle it by myself, ga akan melibatkan ussi lagi, janji. And really, I will not let myself be a burden to whoever helping me out, I will not let myself ask for more than the very help itself. Maaf ya ussi :(

Without realizing that I'm in the first week since college has been starting. Belom ada absen dooong. My classes in this 3rd semester are rooocks! Well, sooooo many old friends, ussi vira dinda mia nesa wahyu berto kiki samid bela, most of their classes are same with mine. Bahkan ada yg sama plek. whuahuahua.. Well, there are also so many new friends and it's better for me to get close with them to get bond. Karena ada yg minder ga brani ngomong karena ex-i class attitudenya seperti itulah -> dari sumber terpercaya. Sama lah kya gw dulu di semester pertama. Tapi pada akhirnya anak2 i class jd motivator gw buat berani speak up di dpn orang banyak :)) Welcome to the class, then, guys.

Gila. Seneng banget dapet pak Ari lagi as lecturer of Introduction to Literature :) As usual, first meeting has started by his thoughts about random things. Dari Dream Theatre, lagunya mbah surip, which one is art and not art, dan seperti biasa dia coba ngubah cara pandang kita tentang sesuatu yg menurut kita tidak art. Yang gw paling suka dr cerita2 dia yg kemaren ya pemikiran dia tentang lagu tak gendong-nya mbah surip. He thinks that the song has a very good lyric. Intinya sih lagu ini menyindir sekaligus mengingatkan kita kalo yg namanya taksi atau pesawat somehow bikin kita bersifat individualistis. Aaaaaaarh kyanya pas dijelasin pak Ari tuh touching bgt deh. Ko pas gw tulis gini kya ga ada spesial2nya yaaa -.- At this very point, pokoknya gw bener2 seneng bgt diajar pak Ari lagi!

Err, I heard a thing about PPA scholarship and I made it! YAY! And about laboring days in Pimnas, I'm getting some money from it. Aaaaaaaa I really wanna make my own money, not only wasting parent's money!! Give me a part time job, anyone? Kyanya waktu itu ada yg ngajakin part time di penerjemah. Ko ga ada kabar yaa.. heeeem :P

I gotta start recapitulating datas of maba phils. 'Till next time.