Jul 12, 2010

selamat ulang tahun, pak ketua :)

This post is dedicated to a friend named Eliezer. I write this post due to my promise to make him a writing a couple of months ago. Well actually his birthday is on July 12th, so i hope this writing can be a lovely birthday gift for him. Eventhough i basically don't know what i will write.

I know him since I made a contribution in PMK Philadelphia. Kita satu kepengurusan and yes, he is our leader. It's been like almost a month i didn't meet him. For the record, he is not that tall for boys' standard of height, he is well-build, light brown-skinned, and loopy-smiled guy of sundanese descent.

He is friendly, he is so confidence, but he cried very easily ;) he is very popular with girls, especially the ones called maba. hahaha.. I remembered how he got troubles from his girlfie because of unknown maba who always sent him text.

After all he is a really good buddy. It is always nice talking to him, listen to his weird yet funny words which always came up in every meeting we had. Tapi biasanya kata2 itu akan menjadi populer seiring waktu berjalan, kayak 'sepaneng'. Rapat2 philadelphia yg ngebahas hal2 berat pasti identik sekali dgn kata ini.

Ezer selalu jadi batu yg kuat buat teman2 pengurus lainnya. Selalu terlihat baik2 saja di saat dia mencapai titik terlemahnya. Bahkan hanya tersenyum saat ada yg menusuknya dari depan. Dia selalu memperhatikan yg lain tapi mungkin jarang mendapatkan perhatian dari yg lain. Tidak jarang dia selalu mengirim sms setiap hari minggu, mengirim sms kata2 motivasi dan ayat2 alkitab, tapi saya yakin sekali tidak banyak juga yg membalas atau sekedar mengucapkan terimakasih, termasuk saya sebenarnya. He jabbered it in additional pembekalan for BPH position a couple of months ago and i really feel guilty. I am really sorry zer to become that insecurity.

I honestly always adore his way of thinking, his way to control emotion, his way to perceive critics from others, or even his way to become the only calm one in a hot discussion, but still nobody's perfect :)

And yes I know that almost everybody has something in their lives that they can't talk about, so does ezer. Painful secrets, i might say.

In this very special moment, there is a special shoutout to Eliezer. Happy birthday, bro! Whatever you will go through this year and the following years, do remember to stay strong in the name of Jesus, buddy! My support always goes out to you. God bless you!