Mar 6, 2011

backpacking day THREE

I remember something. Buat cerita hari ketiga di Singapur, gw akan menyadur *cailah menyadur* dari sent mail gw kepada kekasih tercinta yang ditinggal bermuram durja di Malang tercinta.. Soalnya ini akan menjadi bagian paling susah kalo gw harus berusaha meningat2 kembali gw ngapain aja di hari ke tiga. Secara yaaaa kejadiannya udah sebulan yang lalu.. Well, ini diaa....

Atalya Anggraini
Chandra Harlis
dateWed, Feb 2, 2011 at 12:34 AM
subjectRe: logo uakk

hello.. it's 12.40 singapore's time. sorry for not replied your message. Just like you said, I tried to use that limited deposit just for emergency things only. But missing you is the only emergency thing I had during these past few days -____- Uh i hate the operator. They like taking for grantee from us. whatever..

you know what, today was the most tiring days than the last few days.. we took a LOT of walk today. well, we here is me and ussi only. At first we went to orchard with full team. but orchard seems so ridiculous for us who dont bring enough money. so, we decided to be seperated. the 3 shopping boys plus anis walked around Orchad, while me, ussi and the other 4 people went to the place which came out of my mind. Well, I browsed it in the morning. east coast park. you know, it's like park along the sea shore. the pictures and the reviews are promising. so i told my friends to go there. well i gave them two options: east coast park or botanic garden, but they chose the first one. We went there with our exciteness and curiousity.

Orchard walk of fame

Es potong harga dewaaaaa! Istilah Singaporenya apa yaaa? ice cut kah?? 1 buck only!!

Find a new friend from different nation. Fowl nations.

The famous Visitor Centre!

the first thing is: to get there, we have to take MRT and go down to the station which is very far enough from the city. Then we have to take a bus. From the data I got, we have to take bus no. 401. We queud in the 401 queud for some minuetes. But the bus didn't come. till we asked the students there to get the right direction. The student was very jutek. you know, even singaporean are very individualistic, how about American then.. Then we realized that 401 ONLY operates every weekEND. hahahahah.. how stupid. then we went to the locket and get the very right direction to the East Coast Park.


We take the RIGHT bus and we arrived in a halte BUT we have to take a VERY LONG walk after that. pass the under bridge till my sandals are broken. hahahahah another bad luck.. After we arrived to THAT place, I bought sandals for SIX bucks (the very cheapy one in Indonesia). sial.. and the worst part is the place is not really THAT worth it to visit.

Not a tourists place, I think.

Wondering, where should we gooooooo!! There's no 'Kubor' word here. Bring our Kubor back!!!

At least, I fulfilled Maya's order. Lake in the middle of the park.haha!

I felt very ashamed to them. And we decided to have walk along the park to find a bus stop. we took A VERY LONG walk. I dont know, maybe about ten something kilos. we actually found some interesting place, but I know it didnt cure the disspointment of them. I felt bad, you know. After the journeyyyyyyyyyy, we asked about the direction of the bus. Well, the place actually located on the side of HIGHWAY. hahaha you know, it means that there is NO bus. We have to cross the higways and take a medium walk to reach the halte. fiuuuuuuuuuuuuhhh when I reminisced this thing, I feel that we are VERY VERY tough to have THAT FAR of walking. hahaha my hobby is actually fulfilled here :)

we called it as NGASO!

This is the bridge which will bring us to the bus stop..

and this is the highway! fiuuuuh..

When we reached the bus stop, we even dont know the number of bus we should took of. hahaha.. we used our feeling. We took a bus well-we-dont-know-where-it-is-going. We just HAVE TO find MRT station. But, we got nothing. The bus even pass the HIGHWAY beside the path we took in east coast park. hahahahaahha..after some minutes, ussi recognize a building, the unique one, beside the nearest MRT station near our hostel. So we stopped on a halte near the building. we even didnt know the area we took off. We just felt save even only can see that building. It means a lot for us. hahah sounds crazy. After recognize the area, we finally got the very familiar place for us.

and the adventure isn't end yet.

six of us were starving and try to find nasi lemak. But as you guess, we even dont know where the place is. My friend only read from the book she read. Ussi and I were too lazy to fulfill their want. so we decided to take a seperate ways. They keep on searching their food, maybe. and we just look around bugis. we are not that starving, it can be cured by window shopping anyway :)

HMV before Esplanade!

Yanggggggggg, you know what i'm kind of regret to bring small number of money here. there are a lot of cute clothes, cute shoes, cute bags, even cute boys. hahahahha... not for the last, so many chinese and i never like chinese boy :) After we were satisfied to fulfill our eyes' need, we decided to bought drink and sat on the side of bugis street. we acted like fashion police who always gave comments to people who walked in front of us. hhaha...

then, we decided to go to esplanade. go google it. It is very beautiful on the night. well I felt like backstabbed my other friends. because I promised them to get there together. well whatevs. ussi and I really need refreshment by having quality time in the quality place :P

sayangggggg, the place is really beautiful. there is chair along the bridge and in the bridge, we can see a lot of interesting things.. you know, i miss youuuuuu.. i need you, i want you to be there with me enjoying the night, have some talks, some cuddles, some quality time :( well we can have it in RSU, but the place is really supporting us to get the romantic athmosphere.. It is not that crowd. It fixed us well :) someday yah yangg :)

well after those moments, we take a walk again. That was a lot of scenic view but our feet just too TIRED. so we went back to bugis and looked for some food. Based on my book AGAIN, I took ussi to the place which sold nasi lemak. But as always, WRONG expectation again :( no nasi lemak there. so we decided to eat near hostel. but we found moslem resto while we walked. So we ate nasi lemak there. And have a little talk with the owner. She is arabic but born in singapore. she told us about the Indonesian, Singapore and else. sedikit curcol sih dia, tapi gapapalah. she is very kind to us. and you know, that was the cheapest food we ate here. Only 1.50 dollars.
finished eat, and went to hostel with VERY HARD of steps.hihi.. almost twelve hours we walked. we arrived in hostel at 12.15 Singapore's time. have a seat , took a bath, and typed this email for you..

You know, I typed this email in a VERY SMALL window to avoid the stalker. hahaha.. wahyu in my right side, bela in the left and ussi was behind. :)
i think this is the VERY LONG story to write.. really i wanna go here with you, yang.... someday someday someday someday someday over the rainbowwwwwwww...

yanggg, it's 1.33 a.m. I should take a sleep before the morning called me to up. Tomorrow will be Sentosa's day.. and will be very TIRING again :)
thank you yang the text and sate :)

miyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu much!!!!!
Sounds like unyu, huh? hahaahah but this is the most complete story I ever write :) and full in English. Apa mungkin karna di sana atmosfir untuk berbahasa Inggris sangat2 merasuk hingga dalam tulisan? who knows?!?!

hahaha.. see you at the fourt day :)