Sep 10, 2011

Reviewing Commenting!

One thing I learned after finishing almost two months of being home is this quote below seems so real..
"I never realize how much I like being home unless I've been somewhere really different for a while." -Juno (2007)

I can't believe what I just wrote. I've been somewhere really different than my home for three years and still counting. I don't know why the hell I am still complaining. And this is actually not my time to be that melodramatic old crap acting . Ha!

Well, that was the longest time I had home during the term break. I was in Jkt for couple of months, having internship, shopping, and meeting like a zillion people. Things which are used to be common things or even annoying things for me, now I feel that I really have a good time getting closer with those things, and everything else that comes along with visiting this town.

This feeling got all over me when I met a bunch of old friends. They are used to be common people I met during high school time and that time did not even special to me. Well, sometimes yes, but not always. Now, time with them are still not always special but the things that come along with those time are special. Like places we went to share our togetherness. In two months, I've been in many places with them.

The first place we went was Blok M Square. Blok M Square is used to be what-de-oh place during my high school time. When I went back there last month, I was really had a good shopping time there. I am glad to know this kind of place. Call me exaggerating, you name it! But in this place, I bought my office outwear for internship with the right price! HA! Ah, I got a thing to share. When I looked for those office outwears, I've been there for almost 3 hours. I spent my time to look for those outwears on Lower Ground with assumption that in this Lower Ground, the seller would sell their things cheaper than those in higher floors. And I felt like I was very smart on bargaining. I can get a trousers for only Rp. 65k and some office long-sleeved shirts for Rp. 50k in average. When I decided to stop looking around to prevent loss of money because of those great deals, I went to second floor, the crowded one, and found a counter that sold all items of office outwears for only Rp. 35k!!!! Gosh, this smart office-outwears-buyer turned into super silly one! It was shocking to know that I can get the same trousers and the same office long-sleeved shirts with a half price there T.T Lesson I learned that I have to be more balance in shopping. It means looking around on each floor and buying at least one thing I like on each floor. So I won't miss counter with a very great deal in every floor :P And when Thea begged to be accompanied by me to look for her outwears needs for her internship, I didn't do the same mistake again :) While Thea was busy with her things, I busy with my things, some clothes for campus! Trekking on each floor to have some good deals and it works :D I found blazer for 80k and got an almost same blazer for 60k on different floor. And this Blok M Square is SOMETHING for me considering there is none in Mlg, a place which has a good taste in fashion and also good deal in price!

Ah, women!

The second place is food stalls! I love eating! But I don't like to spend much money for eating! I am a person who feels better to buy some clothes than spending money on foods. It changes actually. When I got back to Jkt, foods were worth to buy! And thanks to the old friends to bring me on some great food stalls. Name it, Eat and Eat in Gandaria City. This is one of food courts in Gandaria City with a fabulous interior but I freaking hate their system, system that also can be found in Mall Taman Anggrek Food Court. Those who wants eat there have to make some deposit. You will be gived a card and only with it, you can buy food from so many stalls there. And that time, I was willing to spend my money on that sucks deposit. In eat and eat the price is freaking expensive!! Es Pisang Ijo which I usually buy only for Rp. 3k in Malang, its price is increasing highly there, Rp. 15k!!! OMG I can have 5 glasses of Es Pisang Ijo with those ammount of money. Ha, no wonder lah! It is Mall and its price defines Jkt well. I went around and decided to have Nasi Hainam from Singapore-foods stall for my dinner there. Thanks God, it tasted good with reasonable price :)

Eat and Eat eats your money :P

Another food stall I went to is Sambara. When I heard its name for the first time, an actor named Cok Simbara was suddenly popped up in my mind :P Well, this is a sundanese restaurant. I love Sundanese food. I love Sayur Asem because it has corn inside. I love sambal, who don't? I love teh tawar beacuse it's cheap :P In brief, sundanese foods defines me well. Sambara located somewhere near Cilandak, Fatmawati, ah you name it! Next of it is Dapur Sunda, such a competitive place though. I felt like I'm a tourist in Sambara. The waitress and waiters call their consumers with known Sundanese term, teteh and kang. Hihi.. I never been called that way :) Eating there in fasting month is the perfect time! So many compliments there! I got ta'jil compliments (bubur kacang ijo), sayur asem compliments, teh tawar compliments, and sambal compliments! One thing I learned in this place: with those compliments, you will definitely full by only buying rice and tempe! And they surely come with a low price. Maybe I have to try this strategy next time :P My lifetime favourite foods, tempe-sayur asem-sambal all served in table and made me thank God for inventing those kind of foods. I have four thumbs up for its sambal!! It made me can't stop crying because of its spiciness. Lucky me, when spent time there after finishing dinner, there was a number of people playing angklung, who caused very alive atmosphere, walked to table near ours. And ta-da we got someone's birthday there. Info from Kenny, that Angklung People usually come out when there is someone who has birthday party there. Haha what a loud birthday! This place is a really worth to re-visit.

How Sunda their way on serving foods!
The interior has a large picture of Aksara Sunda and it is behind us!
How cool!

Another traditional food restaurant I visited is Rempah Wangi. It is located near Sambara. Not that near, just near. Well, the place! The foods! And the price is.........hell-no!!! What I love of being there is the people :) A lot of old friends came made a lot of chit-chat there. The fenomenal food there is sausage with 1m length which has ordinary taste.

1 meter sausage

The High School Friends

My next stop is Strawberry Cafe! We went there right after we ate in Rempah Wangi just because of lack of idea in getting another hang-out places. Why Strawberry Cafe? Because it is a cafe where we can play so many games there and surely will have a lot of fun! And we were craving for playing Jumanji there! Why Jumanji? Because we heard about how scarry this game from one of us and we just CURIOUS! I went there once like two years ago. But that time, i ate outside, so I didn't feel the real atmosphere of this place. And I recently ate inside with those old friends. When we had the first step there, the impression of this place was HOT! The air conditioner was under the maintenance. Pity us! Well, we already full by eating in Rempah Wangi, so we hope by buying some foods we could play Jumanji. Unfortunately, some conditions came along with this Jumanji games. We had to order at least one food and one drink and also pay additional Rp. 5k for each person! So we ordered the cheapest food (spagethi for Rp. 19k) and the cheapest drink (aqua for Rp. 6k) for this JUMANJI games! The conditions were fulfiled and we welcomed in Jumanji room. Just like its name. Jumanji, not really different with the film, we had to acomplish missions. There is one safe room where we can use as a shelter place from unknown creatures. While we were trying to accomplish the missions, so many unknown creatures badgered us by uttering scarry voices and there was also sodako came up from a tv!! We yelled each other, we pushed, we pulled, we fell, GOSH! The missions are created to be not accomplished, though!! A horrible game indeed. But it was FUN! 15 minutes for Jumanji was a worth! We just didn't stop there. We played like three other games in that night, and we had joy! Regrettably, its foods were not pleasant as its games.

After Jumanji! Very TIRING!

Another game
We have to thrust the sword into a hole. If we thrust in a right hole, powder will career up our friend's face.

Another game
Put the plastic people in the right place. Don't make this thing fall or you will be powdered!

Another game
What's on my head? Give some yes/no questions to your friend, and you will get the clue of what it is :)

Next stops are very very odinary place you find in Jkt. They are J.CO and Bakmi GM. Ordinary, right? Yes, for people who can easily find it. But it is extra ordinary for me! Maybe it is because I couldn't find one in Mlg. No pangsit like GM has. No yogurt like J.CO has. And it was superb when I can feel taste of bakmi GM, its pangsit, J.Cool and Choco Loco again. Haha another exaggerating act :)

Been to J.CO two times in a month :P

Ah well, you really don't know what you've got 'till it's gone :)

Gosh, this is a long long post!!! And it is unbelievably written full in English! Ha! I prepare myself well before back to campus this Monday, right? Alright then I guess I should stop here. Me actually craving for tempe, sambal, and sayur asem. I lost my focus by the time I typed those heaven's food.