Sep 14, 2011

The stories behind my header

My header is definitely new!!!!

So does the background :) just to keep up with the header’s color.

I just realized that the older header defines the-high-school-me very well with a lot of photos and bright colors on it and the big “atalya’s page” really do not imply the blog address by which I originally intend to reflect this blog’s purpose.

Well, why did I name it undefined serenity? I made this blog right after I read a novel by one of well-known Indonesian teen-lit author, Sitta Karina. If I am not forgotten, that novel told me that there was a girl who good on playing piano and she created a piano sonata entitled serenity. She always felt calm and quiet every time she played that sonata. I just imagined her calm and quiet and that ‘serenity’ word just stuck on my mind. It suddenly popped up when I looked for my blog’s name with expectation I will feel that serenity every time I write on and read deep this blog. The word ‘undefined’ was added of necessity. is actually unavailable and ‘undefined’ emerged every time I kept on pushing enter button in blog’s address box even though ‘serenity’ was already unavailable. Therefore, I decided to add both of words together. This is it: This address also became the blog’s title. Lately, I ignored my very first expectations on this blog. I changed the title into “atalya’s page” to be more personal and still kept “undefinedserenity” as blog address because it is widely known already. Thanks God, I am wising up and coming to the decision to reconvert the title into “undefinedserenity”.

The thing is I am off balance to choose what kind of header I will use. I do not have any own pictures that reflect serenity. I only collected personal pictures and it does not echo serenity at all.

Lucky me, having multi-capability husband! I asked him to help me make a header, which reflects serenity. I thought that he would use pictures from google, but he did not. He shot some pics by his camera phone spontaneously surrounding our spend-the-noon place. He reflects serenity on pics of leaves swept by rain. He chose one, retouched it in CS3 and created a Trubus header on it! Gosh, can you imagine a very green leaf with a white background? So Trubussssss.. After my comment, he set the leaf’s color as I wished and I thought it looks better with brown-ish.

Touch it, touch that, and ta-da…..undefinedchaos actually defines the header well :p But I love it! Chaos indeed, yet gorgeous :) He promised me to make another header, which reflects serenity by pics of beach. Just wait until we visit beach at undefined time!!!!

Ugh, why are beaches so farrrrrrrrrrrrrrr from the city -_-