Oct 23, 2011

start of my future

Wow! I am lack of time to have some updates for this blog. I've been busy lately. I make money from my hobby, writing! I become content blog writer and write things that I don't even like it substantively. Have you ever type keywords in Google search box and end up in a blog that gives you not-that-related-to-your-keywords article? Well, I think I'm one of writers of one of those kinds of blogs! I do not know, where my articles are placed in, but I make effort to write useful articles, not a trash one. What I need to know is the today's keywords, make article that contains those keywords and they due at 9 p.m. tomorrow night.

I somehow love this job. It makes me accustomed to write in English, yeah, BASIC English, because I do not want to be busily engaged in difficult words even though it will enrich my vocabulary. Besides, it gives me a bit of knowledge. Yes, a bit! At least, I already know what VA or PA stands for :)

I read a lot this semesters. A lot of Literature journals and the textbook itself drive my eyes going crazy! I already plan my thesis' corpus. At first, I am interested to analyse something that relate to FEMINISM. I decided to have movie entitled Mona Lisa Smile as my corpus. When I realize that is too simple to be analyzed, I make it more complicated by comparing it to the Hours movie, a movie that I can't get in the most complete DVD rental. I firstly want to compare how Feminism work in both movies that set in different generation.

That was my first plan! In fact, I still can't get The Hours in the due time and I think I should forget about Feminism Theory if I still want to be married to my future husband. He lives in patriarchy society and truly hate feminism. Well, I can accept it due to the fact that feminism is not my main principal :) and I think to have feminism for my thesis' theory would make me stuck in feminism and I might have an infatuation for it. It is better to prevent it, indeed.

Then, I browsed to have an enlightenment and I got it. I remembered about a novel that I ever read when I was in Junior High School. Well, I used to proclaim it as my favorite teen-lit ever! It is entitled "Looking For Alibrandi". Some of you may know it from its film, but I never watch it before. I was in love with this novel just because I like a character named Jacob there. He is a bad boy and as we know, bad boys are impressing :P

Hello, Thesis' corpus :D

Over a period of time I have spent in college, I realize that this novel has possibility to be my thesis' corpus. It talks about Italian migrants descent in Australia, named Jossie. She is searching for her self portrait in her difficulties situation as a migrant descent and a lovechild. Yeah, it is silly to have teen-lit to be my corpus. I just have a dream to analyze it deeper. I do not know yet what theory i will use to analyze it, but I am pretty sure with this thing as my corpus :D

My effort to face America does not have an end. I am currently working on IELSP thingy (again) as well. I am already done with essays, things that made me stuck on a couple of weeks :( and tomorrow will be letters-of-reference day hunt :)

They are surely not bad ways to start off the future :)