Dec 2, 2011

freak me out

Hubby told me that I should write something useful instead of menye menye things. He suggested me to talk about my thesis. However, it freaks me out to share this complicated topic in my menye menye blog. I am not that into to my thesis object, Psycho analysis. Gosh, I swore to not use this theory for my thesis. I used to wish to have something different from my thesis. I don’t know what, but it is absolutely not psycho analysis. Unfortunately, destiny talks different things. Psycho analysis will become my passion for the rest my time in college -_-

I lost my writing passion gradually. It is because of my job now as a content writer. Reviewing gadgets every day really makes me become gadget genius in a different way and lack of inspiration to write something inspirational.

waaaa .. Should i leave this job -_-