Dec 4, 2011

Smoking Prohibition in campus is URGENTLY needed

A thought popped up in my mind. I wanted to share my old short essays that I ever written. on my writing classes. Hope it could trigger my writing passion which is ironically lost since i commercialized my writing T.T

The essay below is written in my fifth semester. I remember it well because a native lecturer from Los Angeles, if I'm not mistaken, taught me at that time. She is Ms. Potts and she changed the position of my real lecturer for several meetings. And she was interesting in my essay due to arguments that i stated in the essay. Her anxiety actually made me survive from that class because the one who gave us final score was my real lecturer, not Ms. Potts. She is actually famous with her cruelty in giving a score :D Well, I got enlightenment in arranging the content of my essay from my boyfie-wannabe at that time. It was one year ago and now he already becomes my future husband :P Time does fly :)

"Brawijaya University should Restrict Smoking"
Each of us probably has experienced a situation, when we were sitting around campus and someone near us started to smoke a cigarette. We automatically became passive smoker at that time. This is happening to me very often and I wish Brawijaya University would build smoking rooms around campus. Campus is a public place which always full of people, so we have more passive smokers than active smokers. There are main reasons why Brawijaya University need to build smoking rooms around campus.

Smoking habit makes our campus environment dirtier. It can pollute the environment by its poisons fumes and stubs. Smokers produce a cloud of smoke which contains poisons and spreads everywhere, so that other people may inhale their smoke. The smoke of cigarette contains more 200 bad chemical substances, such as carbon-monoxide, ammonia, nitrogen-oxide, etc. It will surely cause air pollution and also health risk for those who inhale that smoke. Besides smoke, the leftover of smokers which are in the form of cigarette stubs and packs are scattered everywhere. They can also become environment issue because average smokers burn around twelve cigarettes everyday. Can you imagine how big the number of cigarette's packs and stubs which are scattered everywhere in a day because of smokers students in Brawijaya University? They cause our environment dirty. So, Brawijaya university needs to build smoking rooms to prevent the pollution caused by smoker students because our campus environment will turn unattractive with those things around.

Smokers sometimes do not respect the non smokers' right. Smokers do not have consciousness about the existence of non smokers' right to live healthily which should be appreciated. The non smokers usually face the same health risks like the smokers if they live in circumstances which are full of smokers. Some researches show that 20% of people who always inhale cigar's smoke for years are at risk to have lung cancer and 25% of people who live in a smoking society also have the same risk. This danger of smoking for non smokers in Beawijaya University can be prevented by building smoking rooms around campus.

Smoking is inappropriate according to Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi. Each university, including Brawijaya University, has functions as defined in Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi and one of its points is dedication to society. Smoking can be considered as an activity which ruins society's health and it is stated in the law of health article 113 which emphasizes on the danger of addictive substances in cigarette that give bad impacts to the smokers and also their surroundings. Students nowadays are allowed to smoke freely around campus and it surely brings unfit effects into society. We could say that smoker students ruin the society; not dedicate themselves to society. If this habit, smoking freely around campus, could not to be stopped, Brawijaya University could be said as a university which does not support the Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi.

We can conclude that there are a lot of disadvantages caused by smoking. According to those facts, we would say that Brawijaya University should build smoking rooms around campus to decrease the number of passive smokers. In addition to that, smoker students can enjoy smoking and they cannot complain about their freedom of enjoyment. After all, they are also aware of the danger of smoking. At last, I finally say, smoking is dangerous. It is always better to keep our young generation healthy.

After rewrite that essay above, I realize there are so many grammatical errors, inappropriate diction, and unrelated cause-effect sentence -_- and it also raise my intention up once more to make formal authority of Brawijaya University aware that build smoking rooms around campus is fully needed! Speaking about formal authority, I apply in INNASYICON II (Indonesian Systemics Society Conference) as one of Liaison Officers there. I was interviewed by one of my lecturer that already known as one of active smokers. He once stated that our whole body is composed of complex system that able to neutralize all bad substances in cigar. This lecture is different from other lecturers in the way of interviewing the applicants. He did not only interview by giving organizational-related questions, but also asked us to make a three paragraphs essays about the danger of smoking. The points that I wrote at that time were not far different from my essay above. I don't know is it a sign or what,but i do hope he realize that Brawijaya University really needs people who could respect the non smokers' health.

Please, University is an educational institutional which should not be dirtied by unfit conditions caused by cigars!!