Dec 11, 2011

today's blessing

I got a video from wall of my friend in PMK Efod's group page. I was curious what it is about because there is 'anak' word in the link address. It must be a story about a child and it must be amazing. I clicked the link and it directed me to the download option. I left the downloading process to bed and being awake by loud sound from this video when it was done to be downloaded. Ah, this video is played automatically. I verge on my lepisus with my sleepy eyes and watch this video. There is no images. There is no child creature. There is only as song and word and word and word. I read all of it and those words series successfully pour my tears down and realized how God loves me so much.

I hope this video could be a blessing for you today :)

You can download it in it..

Share this video to others, and be bless..