Jan 18, 2012

I have dreams

Challenge Day 1: hopes, dreams, and plans for the next 365 days with a picture of yourself

My number one hope and dream in this year is graduate from University of Brawijaya!!! I want to cut the myth which states that literature students need more time than linguistic students to graduate. So far, most of literature students actually need more than one semester to do their thesis. And I hope, my thesis will be done in three months start from my future adviser accept the title of my thesis. AMEN!!!!! I plan to continue what I wrote as a final project in Seminar on Literature class. I had Looking for Alibrandi novel as my corpus and James Marcia's identity status theory as the theoretical framework. Well, this James Marcia's theory actually strike me right on my heart. It talks so much about identity crisis and based on that theory some aspects in my life do not reach the identity achievement yet! Gosh, I am twenty one and still searching for my identity -_-

Speaking of which, I blabbed beyond this challenge. Well, that was my first priority hope. The rest is about our (me and hubby) future work. I have been dreaming to have secure job with steady income. While, my Kochan want to build a company and be success as an entrepreneur someday. I hope we'll get it as soon as possible. That jobs' criteria would fit us best :) According to my job criteria, I personally think that become civil servant is the most suitable choice for me. However, I agree that this job will be the most boring job I'll have since I had internship program on one of Indonesian governmental department. I actually want to make contribution related to creative field.. But you know, idea will not come every single time I need it. There must be saturation point one day. OMG, I sound pathetic with all those pessimistic reaction over my dreams..

I think I have to change my second dream. I want to be a super optimist person ever!!!! It will be very hard for someone like me who is accustom to say "I can't", "It's difficult", "so hard" for every single opportunities. I hope, there will be no more "I can't", "It's difficult", "so hard" for the next 365 days and counting.. yeahhhh!

I can't resist you!!!! It's difficult to not always beside you!! It will be so hard seize the day without you!
(haha I think those bold statements are allowed to be said that way :P)