Jan 23, 2012

It must be LEGAL!

Challenge Day 2: something that’s illegal but you think it should be legal

It is actually about graduating, just like challenge day 1. Well, graduating before 8th semester is kind of illegal thing in my faculty. It should be legal!!! It is already legal in the most of univesities in Indonesia. There are so many students graduated in their 3.5th year!! How come my lovely faculty of culture(al) studies prohibit the students take lessons as much as they can just because to make them graduate in their fourth year of study! Sucks! Anyway, if you notice, there is (al) after the word culture. It actually signs how bad meaning-understanding of those who responsible to this faculty. It must be Faculty of Cultural Study, indeed! Not Faculty of Culture Studies.

Back to graduation thingy. You may say it is weird!!! really weird.. 2008 class year must follow credit package that are already set up by the faculty. And that credit finished right on the fourth year. It means that all 2008 students cannot graduate before the fourth year! How lame my faculty!! there are actually some lessons that must be taken gradually. However, not all the lessons are arranged like that, but most of those certain lessons could only be taken at certain semester.. Reaching high GPA in FIB UB does not mean you can graduate soon. If you get up to 3.5 as your IP each semester, it should be possible for you to take up to 24 credits each semester. However, that possibility turns out to be impossibility because of lesson's limitation in each semester. I ever experienced that thing. I had right to have 24 credits for my fourth semester, but because of that silly rule, I only could take 18 credits for that semester! This faculty is insanely crazy!!! It obviously waste my time and money as well!

Another stupid rule in this bloody-hell-beloved faculty is the rule which is stated that there are still 2 lessons that must be taken on 8th semester! Those lessons could be taken on 8th semester and up only. 8th semester students properly only take Thesis, but in the fact, they are still in charge to pass those 2 lessons. In case, they successfully finish their thesis but they don't pass those two lessons, they must retake those failed lesson in 9th or 10th semester with I-already-finish-my-thesis status!!!! Silly!! The last stupid thing there is about the official color of faculty. I got this fact from one of my lecturer. Have you ever heard that every science field in this world have their own color? White represents medical field, orange represents social field and purple represents humanity. FIB UB actually in humanity field. Purple actually should become iconic color in FIB UB, whether in thesis' cover or in dean's official shawl. In fact, this amazingly 'unique' FIB UB changed its purple color into white! Ha! I have nothing to say anymore.

After all, I hope Fakultas Ilmu Budaya Universitas Brawijaya will revise its curriculum someday!!!!! I hope all students in FIB UB will be aware of those silly things around them. I hope they will care enough and give their logical voice to those people who responsible to this faculty! I hope it will allow students to graduate as soon as possible.

I hope this silly illegal thing will on the turn!

Bravo FIB UB!