Jan 25, 2012

I belong here to..

Challenge Day 3: what you think your reason for being here is

"stating what I think that I barely could tell directly"

Yap yap.. I'm a good writer, not a good teller :) Writing is media for me to state what I think that is far easier than talking directly. It does not mean that I could not even speak in front of a lot of people. Nope. I speak. I experienced a moment when my voice is very important and this condition went on for a year. So, it is impossible for me to not become a speaker. However, I sometimes got into a scrape in communicating something. Well, not sometimes indeed, but always. What I think is not same as what I tell. I often speak too fast. I even speak without thinking regularly. When I got in confusion, I frequently give up to think or talk falteringly. Those moments happened when I talk to someone or group in serious discussion that really need ability of thinking-before-talking --" But simple silly thing like using wrong diction and stuffs like that happen unaccountably. And this thing surely leads to misunderstandings. Hiks :(

That is why I am here. I become a part of blogspot.com.. I love exam that needs ability in writing. I love written test much more than oral test. I enjoy blogging because I find media that allows me and gives me time to arrange words and purposes. This reason is also a reason why I dream to be a writer someday. Not a specific writer, like novelist or poet. Writing anything I want is my dream job.

That is why I belong here..