Jan 2, 2012

The First!

This is my first blog post in two thousand and TWELVE!!!! wow!

On the last December, I successfully passed the IELSP document selection. It made me w-o-w! I got a ticket of ne step ahead to America (again)! I really prepared myself well at that time. I trained myself to give convince answers to the interviewer in interview section. This was my second attempt and I really wanted to give my best to pursue my dream.

In D-day, I came to State University of Malang and had a nerve because almost all of the interviewees wore marketing-standard outwear. And I just wore my not-that-formal shirt and very tight black pants -_- However, I received good news: the interviewer is my Translation lecturer :) And he is really kind of a person who can easily adjust himself to someone stranger. This IELSP interview did not really make me nerve because I knew that my lecturer would not let me down by seeing on what I wore and giving rude questions. And I was right. The first question (and I think the most basic and important question) for me is the reason why I apply to this program. The following questions flew casually. We talked about family, future plan, orangutan, boyfriend, hobbies, and at the end of the interview he encouraged me to never stop trying to pursue my dream, going to America. He also promised Ussi (a friend who also in that interview section) to reveal the secret of IELSP scholarship interview when we met in our Translation class. We were dying to hear his opinion about our performance at that time.

The interview test was on Sunday and his Translation class was on Wednesday.

On Wed, He realized that I was on of his interviewees when he checked the name of his attended students. Then he actually revealed a fact that I never knew it before. There are 5 points which he measured in that interview section. He did not mention the four points, but he guaranteed me that he gave the best he could gave in those four points. The fifth point was kinda make me shock. It is point which measure how marginal my family. And he just could not say that I am from marginal family, indeed. Later he explained that IELSP aims to help students from marginal family to study in America. Gosh! I just remembered those marketing-standard-lookings on that interview. Most of them are Chinese and I was sure that they came from Surabaya and willing to go to Malang just to pursue their dream. I knew that they were absolutely not come from marginal family for sure. I did not blame those who come from marginal family. I just feel disappointed why don't IELSP give information about that marginal thingy -_-

And there is already announcement about IELSP grantee who will go to America in this mid-year. Oh well, I try to not sorry about my failure. I actually have to give thanks that I did not pass this IELSP test. It means I am lucky because God placed me in middle class family :) Congratulations for the grantees.. Go learn from America and apply those skills in our beloved country..

Beyond that IELSP's story, I want to underline and bold the statement: life is full of something that never been expected before - uh I can't underline this line >_<

Last Tuesday, I had invited lecture by D.Y. Suharya. It is held by my Aesthetic lecturer. She just wanted to give us hope that there are something we can do as English Literature graduate. Ms. D.Y. actually came from D3 Sastra Inggris UI and she successfully became something in this world. She worked in Prambors Radio at the age of 19 which made me surprise because working in Prambors Radio was my junior high school's dream!!! She also made contribution in RCTI, CNN New York, United Nations, and other cool places that i am dying to work there *_* Well, by this invited lecture I just realized that it is possible for me to have great job :) and because of her, I am encouraged to make Vision Board. It is on progress now. I already collect all pictures of things which make me dying to have them. I hope by looking at this vision board, I could have those things on my own someday. hmmmmmmmmm...

So, welcome 2012..