Jan 29, 2012

Penguins teach you!

Day 5: something you would change about the world

I want this animals could be taken as pet.. Look at those cute faces below...
It is hard to resist them live in our houseeeee..

They're like awesomely cute, aren't they? I just watched Mr. Poppers Penguin lately and found how loyalty works among penguins. If you ever watched Happy Feet, you may notice one thing that depicts that loyalty. Do you remember, the one who keep the penguin's egg is actually not the mothers, but fathers. On the other hand, the mothers swim across the frozen sea to find some food . Haha, feminism actually works in the penguin-world, indeed. And a penguin surprisingly has loyalty related to mate-relationship. Most of the species of penguin have only one mate in their entire life, sounds romantic huh? That is why, it will be great if we could take penguin as our pet and learn much from them, just like Mr. Poppers' s experience in the film. It may be impossible to bring them to places which have room temperature, but it is still legal to have dream, right? :P Penguin may not change the world, but we can. Learn the meaning of loyalty, empathy from them, at least it could give good influence for people around us.. I recommend documentary film entitled The March of The Penguins to know them well.

Over all, those thick fur really catch my attention :D and I got a thing on my googling time: Blue Penguin rope bracelet for LOYALTY.. Marvelous!!