Jan 27, 2012


Day 4: how you think your life would change if you achieved your dream

Well, I'll give my thesis submission form tomorrow. I was demanded to submit up to three topics for my thesis. Let's say each topic represents my short-term dream for now. Here my short-term dream are:
1. Self-identity achievement's process of Josephine Alibrandi character in Looking for Alibrandi novel.
2. The characterization of Will Hunting in Good Will Hunting script
3. Teacher's intervention in John Keating and Sean Maguire character in Dead Poet Society and Good Will Hunting film: a comparative study.
Well, there will be one of my thesis-dreams which is going to be accepted by someone who is responsible to it. That accepting-time will be my turning-point for the next three months *I hope* and my life will surely change if I achieve one of those dreams. The changes will essentially appear differently from one thesis-dream to other dreams.

#1 Thesis-Dream: Looking for Alibrandi

Let's say my lecturer accept my first dream. Well, it will be easier for me to finish my thesis indeed. I actually already done the first and second chapter of thesis, which is the introduction and theoretical framework, as my Seminar on Literature's final project last semester. It just needs a little retouch by advisers' suggestions and ta-da.... i can have my proposal seminar next month, I guess, and continue to the analysis and finding. Simple and fast way, indeed..

#2 Thesis-Dream: Good Will Hunting (written by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck *how cool!*)

On the other hand, I have to work harder if I have to do my thesis with my number two dream on it. I already had the script. I got visible image for the theoretical framework. But I really need to read more literature as well. And unfortunately, I just watched Good Will Hunting once which means I need to provide more time to internalize the film to my heart. haaaaaaah..


#3 Thesis-Dream: Comparative study between Good Will Hunting and Dead Poet Society

And I hope the lecturer will not let me done the thesis by that #3 comparative study! I even do not know in detail how comparative study supposed to work. I do not know how to make the analysis scientifically with the right method and theory. What kind of theory that I supposed to use.. and so on and so on.. To be honest, this is the most interesting topic among the others. It is because of the ones who played as John Keating and Sean Maguire are same: Robin Williams. Thanks God, I watched these two films within a short period of time. So that, it is still fresh on my mind how Robin Williams act smoothly in these two films to intervenes the students to reach what they want in different ways. Butttttttttttttt, I still grope for the proper theory and method.

And yeah, I think those conditions above answers "how my life would change if I achieved my (short-term) dream" question..
 Let's hope the best :D