Feb 13, 2012

Be yourself?

In this gloomy evening, I want to get over with challenge day 10! I can't believe that I just go as far as to only TEN?!?!?! haha.. It's actually better from last year when I only created 20 blog posts in a whole year. 

Day 10:  What you think when you hear the words "be yourself"?

Me myself personally think that the words "be yourself" is totally bullshit. I ever talked about it once with my Kochan and we came to the conclusion that "be yourself" motto is a loathsome! At that time, we chat about it in couple relationship context. It is impossible for couple to commit to a 'health' relationship if each of them hold on to "be yourself" thingy firmly. 

You may wonder why we concluded so..Well, we both don't agree with this "be yourself" words, but it doesn't mean that we are not being who we are naturally in our relationship. We know each other, both weakness and strength, more than anyone else in the world. However, if we do this relationship by being myself and himself naturally, this relationship surely towards into a mess. If myself or himself is fucking sucks, why should we be our self then? Got my point? 

Let's take an example. Let's say that me myself is a person who is such a spoiled-brat, cry-baby, rubber time, and bloody-careless (haha I think it's more than an example, it's bloodytruefact :p). If I insist to "be myself", can you imagine what my relationship will be? I actually am STILL struggling to "be the best of me" -- not "be myself" -- can you see my point here? Whoa, I think my Kochan can explain about the disaster of "be yourself" in relationship better. I'd love to have him write something about this topic in our blog here, someday :)

That was one of reason why the words "be yourself" is totally bullshit. It will cause more harm if I take this "be yourself" words in wider society, especially in workplace. What if i am "being myself" (who is such a spoiled-brat, cry-baby, rubber time, and bloody-careless) when I work?? hahahhaha you tell me.. Be yourself to know your deep weakness and strength then be a better of you :)

I just can say, DON'T BE YOURSELF, BE A BETTER OF YOURSELF!! Well, that's the words "be yourself" in MY opinion :)