Feb 6, 2012

Poison of Kairosoft Games!!!!

Day 7: a show or a movie that has changed you, and how

This challenge actually must be my last three-days-ago blog post. This challenge actually is a theme that I hardly can wait to write about it at most. I actually must write about Good Will Hunting or Dead Poet Society because I just watched these two  movies and got deep meaning about these movies.

However, I got a distraction this week, these past few weeks I guess. It is kind of a poison that distracted me from all things which are really need to be done. I didn't make any blog post lately, I ate late these last few weeks, I did all things under influence of this poison. And this poison came from my Kochan!!! He found games from Kairosoft and I firstly didn't interest to any of them, not.at.all! One day, Kochan installed one of them, named Mega mall Story in my MiniDroid. I started playing it because I want to find what kind of pleasure in playing these The-Sims-Wannabe games. And OMG. I fully addicted to it. Then Kochan surely didn't pass his chance to make me try other Kairosoft games. After I am satisfied with Mega Mall Story, he installed Hot Spring Story for me. And the last is World Cruise Story. Kairosoft actually develops so many games and I successfully addicted to three of their games. And these three actually are more than enough. I hardly rid of myself from my MiniDroid. I even had those games on while I was doing activities. Just for treasuring the money up, so that I could buy or invest anything I got. Gosh +_+ 

If you are curious what kind of game they are, just find Mega Mall Story, Hot Spring Story, and World Cruise Story for your Android and iPhone.. Those three games basically have same rule. In Mega Mall story, i have to manage a small mall at first which actually have so many expansion later on. I have to place so many stores based on compatibility to attract the consumers come. I also have to make some -place investments that held around my mall to get more consumers from those places. This basic rule essentially is same with Hot Spring Story's and World Cruise Story's. The differences are placed in the place itself, of course, the investments, and the way to unlock facilities or investments. Hot Spring story is placed on Japanese bathing place which is also known as onsen (if I'm not mistaken). While World Cruise Story is placed in a big cruise that sail to so many countries around the world. 

 Mega Mall Story

Hot Spring Story  

 World Cruise Story

Three of them have different challenges after all. My Kochan and I positively contaminated by poison from those games -_-" We are crazy of them! We even searched for their walkthroughs to succeed our attempts to make this mall, Onsen, and Cruise more successful. You can say that we are cheater But, these walkthroughs actually make these games more challenging :P Me myself actually already unlocked all facilities, stores, and investments in Mega Mall, Hot Spring, and World Cruise and already bored with Mega Mall Story. Hihi.. Just let Kochan hunt other Kairosoft games :D

Well, that's a brief about something that changed me lately. Even though they are not one of shows or movies, they successfully changed me to prioritize money beyond everything. Haha!!! Just kidding. I won't be that greedy and permit all attempts to get success. Just a kind of entertainment to fill these massively leisure time. Yeahhhhhhhhh!!