Feb 10, 2012

Day 8 Things that make My Lovely Princess Sad

Thursday, February 09, 2012
6:27 AM

Written by Chandra Harlis, the Patriot
For Princess Atalya Anggraini

The day before yesterday, my wife asked me to post something in her blog. The post should be related to her 365 day challenge, then I was given the topic number 8 & 9.
So, here it is my post about "Things that Make My Lovely Princess Sad".

Being together with my wife for about 1 year and 2+ months is my greatest joy  so far.. :-)
We spend our time to do stuffs together. At first this is a difficult thing to do. We have a lot of different habits which form now on should be done together.

After several months we spent, we were starting to adjust each other's activities. Believe me, this point where we finally  got is one tough spot to reach. :) Today, by realizing that we can managed to get to the point of understanding each our daily life, we feel it as a prize for our hard work.

But there are several things I notice which have potency to make her sad.

Our Arguments (Some about My Dress Standard + Our Friend Circles + Social Networking Sites)

Among things in our relationship,, one which made our relationship gloomy is our arguments. We're two different person with two different characters with two different point of views with two different life styles with two different ways of thinking with two different life's values. Those differences

My dress standard for a woman is a bit unusual from most people. I don't like when my wife wear clothes that I considered as  immodest. Immodest clothing that is tight, sheer, or revealing in everyday usage is a NO-NO for me. It is not that I hate those kind of dress--I would be a hypocrite then--, I DO like those sexy body which wear tight and sheer clothes. But the part of me that like those kind of clothes is my part sinful part that I should left behind--I'm still working on it now.. +_+ It is way too much to talk my dress standard here. If you want to know more, please visit my blog at http://lightoneholy.blogspot.com/2012/02/kode-etik-fashion-di-benakku.html  .

While my dress standard is a bit different from others, my wife's standard IS one like them. This situation leads to many arguments among us two about dress standard. In the end, those arguments is making my wife sad.. ..even until now, the time I write this post. :-(

.. .. ..

I dragged Friend circles from online world to real world here. Friend circles are ways we group our friends. It can be divided into several category according to their interest, comfort, or some common things where we feel suitable with our friends. This categorization is differ from one to each other.

My wife and I have our own friends circles. Apparently, because of our very-very-very-very different characteristics, we have very-very-very-very different friend circles. And that is enough to drive us into arguments. As for example, I am a little fastidious when it comes to picking friends or making acquaintances. For me, who we are can be described by who your friends are. In the other hand, my wife is an easy-going person who has alotta dudes outta. Her friend circles are definitely different from mine. This situation always make us choose whether we prioritize each other or our friends. This is another thing that make her  sad.

.. ..

Social networking sites should be a great help for us when they're used for the right purpose and in the right way. But for us, social networking is a disaster for our relationship.

I personally not that enthusiast to any kind o' social networking, but my wife is the opposite of me. This different point of view to social networking sites is making her sad. We often go into quarrel just because a tweet or status update.

-- -- -- --

Until now, I think that those big things are what makes my wife sad.
Beside those big things in our relationship, there are also small things which sometimes saddened her. Things like being left by her friends because of her friends have some outing activities, or being at home earlier, or thinking about our money problems sometimes give her a hard times.

Hard times are meant to exist to allow us face it together.. ..

No matter how sad my wife is, I should be the one that stay beside her. Hold her arm and lead her out of it. Even when the sadness is caused by me myself, I should stay and apologize.

However, our love is too strong to be defeated by sadness or worries or anger or jealousy or anything bad. As long as we believe in our love, there is nothing we cannot through.

Therefore, things that make my lovely princess sad can only went as far as we let it to pass, else those things are nothing before our love.

With love.. ..

Your patriot