Feb 28, 2012

Ephesians 3:20

Hell-yeah I was busy with thesis. Busy this and busy that without consulting to my adviser first -_- Kind of immensely sotoy, yeahhhh! And you know, the thing is my thesis outline and chapter one are already well prepared, but I don't have any certainty about my thesis adviser -_- My adviser got cerviks surgical operation and must have bed rest for two months! I am really sorry to hear about her condition :( However, it is impossible for me to wait her back to work to continue my thesis. There must be a lot of things I could do during the next two months, yes? Besides I already set target to graduate this semester. So here I am, in a bobbed up and down situation :( I hope I can get substituted adviser soon. Pray the best for me, yes?

This entire post below actually is surely depicted my response to the 13th challenge. Here is the challenge:

Day 13: your favorite quote

"Now unto Him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us"
-Ephesians 3:20-

Yes, all quotes in bible are 100% worth it for sure. However, this is my lifetime favorite. I think it is because this quote relates to my experiences. I actually started loving this quote when a preacher gave explanation about this verse in one of Sunday services I attended in my first years in Malang. Then I realized....... God really gives me more than I pray and hope.

This quote reminded me to situation that I faced at that time.  When I was in my third year in Senior high school. I prayed for passing SNMPTN. And yes, I passed. However, I was sad to study far far away from place I grew up in. But, Jesus actually didn't stop there. He didn't only answer my pray, but also gave me extra bonuses! I have extremely good companion in early semesters, closer relationship with my family, unbelievable ladang pelayanan, and so much more things tailed after :) Those bad feelings were totally gone when Jesus 'do the rest'. What unthinkable bonuses, yes?

Another experience I have is relate to my criteria of future life partner. I ever prayed to God, ask for a man who is such a bad boy but still have faithful love for God. Since that time, I met a couple of men who actually compatible to my criteria and yes, I think they're from God. However, I was wrong. They were not the ones. But still, Jesus didn't stop there. He answered my pray in such a mysterious way. He unites me with someone that I never think about before; someone I knew for years but I didn't have any single time to think about him; someone that I thought he is not so into my type, doesn't have any bad boy appearance (according to my standard) but yes have faithful love for God: due to his activeness in PMK. I was getting to know him deeper day by day and I knew for sure, I was wrong. Haha.. This man is unbelievably real bad boy, indeed -'bad' in God's way-. And yes, he is my Chandra Harlis Citra Bhuana :) God gives me abundantly extra bonuses. This man is not only a bad boy and having faithful love for God, but also having a true and caring leader's heart <3 Today is actually our 15 monthlyversary and it is such God's awesomely bless which works in our relationship :)

I put my faith in this quote..

Whatever I pray, ask, and think, there is always God who can do more beyond everything :)