Feb 3, 2012

Face and Careless

Day 6: something you would like to change about yourself

I'm blessed with a smart brain, great soul mate but a little less beauty face (but it is not valid for my Kochan :) I know that the beauty standard is not physically, but from inside our heart. However, it is okay to take a good care for what that have been given to us. Lately I went to Belle Crown to clear out my black spots. I used to go to a doctor named dr. Lukman. My grandma was the one who recommended him to me. He is such a long life doctor. My grandma even have ever became his patient when she was younger than now. What a doctor! He is a dermatologist who often wear jeans in work. How cool, huh? I firstly go to his praktek in a pharmacy close to my home. Then, he suggested me to go to Klinik Estetika in RSU Malang to get further treatments because tools are limited in his praktek room. I had peeling every months and receipt of so many ointments in RSU. I went there regularly for about 6 months and got nothing better. one of my friend, Anis, probably looked that nothing-better in my face, then she invited me to visit her doctor in Belle Crown. And this is the first time how I was introduced to Belle Crown.

I first went there 3 years ago. Anis herself stopped going there because she received something better from Kalimantan. During my first year of treatment, there were a lot of changes in my face. Less black spots, not have lots pimples, but one thing I didn't like was the exfoliation -_-" and it continually occurred for one year. Gosh! So, I decided to stop going there and got Garnier as its substitution. There was no bad effects in using Garnier, but when I started to have masker time every three days by Mustika Ratu masker, those black spots came back and I just couldn't help it. Once Gulan told me about her experience with Belle Crown. OMG, she is such a success patient of Belle Crown, indeed. No pimples and black spots at all, no excessive white in her face. Anis told that Gulan put those Belle crown ointments thickly. It is not me if I don't easily be influenced with someone else stories -_-" then I went back to Belle Crown after I stopped going there for about one year. I started to use those ointments from the very first step. I listened to my friends about how I should treat those ointments and ta-da....... Those black spots are disappear after I use them for about two months :D It holds out until chicken pox attacked me last month.. This clean face finally abandoned to black spots caused by chicken pox -_- I think, I should have the other two months to make those black spots go!! Ganbate!

What a story up there. Well, that was physical matter. For mental matter, I'd love to omit my careless habit. I am extremely careless, folks.. That is what my hubby told me. 


During my whole life, I denied this habit. However something change when I am with him. He regularly tells me about omitting this careless habit. Then, I realized how careless I am all this time. I am familiar with stub toe. What I hold or touch often fell of because of my careless. I always unintentionally wrestle my hamster to the ground every time I hold them on my hands. I sometimes hurt my Kochan by slapping his face or hitting his body just because I do not know where my hands swing and where my feet step. Well, it is not happened to my Kochan only, but also to my other friends. He had an analysis of mine and he came into a result why this careless habit is long lasting inside myself. It is simply because of my laziness to look before I leap. I am too lazy to have further thought about everything. And I desperately want to change this bad habit!!! If I can't, there will be one day when I ill started everyone with this habit -_-"

I need to be changed!!!