Feb 12, 2012

kind of happiness

Sooooo.. This must be my 11th post in the early this year. How amazingly productive I am! Well, I love these challenges just because I don't post about something relate to the question of the challenge only. I can blab more than this challenge and this challenge such a mood booster for me to write :p I think this habit will be good as my thesis preparation :) Just can't wait to end this college year ASAP! ---> It is such an effect after browse JobStreet.com all day ;)

Day 9: Things that make you happy

I actually handed this challenge over my Kochan, but he let me do it by myself. He actually wants to do whatever I write in the list to make me happy. Haaaaaaa it will be impossibly long breath taking list then :p It is quite easy to make me happy.. 

I found a real happiness in watching Larva Cartoon two days ago with Anis and Ussi as a part of our quality time. We laughed a lot and automatically having high desire to download this Larva as much as possible and watch it with my Kochan. I successfully downloaded 10 episodes and watched them with my Kochan yesterday. And ta-da.. The two-days-ago happiness is gone. I didn't laugh as hard as two days ago and not that happy too. My analysis told that it happened because (just like my Kochan said) downloading video is such a pain in the ass (in my language: shit in the ass). For me, who is having lame smartfren connection that actually have slogan 'I hate slow', video downloading activities is a real pain shit in the ass. I spent about 15 mins to download 1 episode of Larva which is only about less than 4 minutes as duration. When I watched my download result yesterday is just like "ahhhhhhh just it??? rrrr.." That's it! That's what make me lose my two-days-ago real happiness!! And now I found myself do not have that high desire of Larva downloading. I probably will just copy them from my friend next time :p

I also found temporary happiness when I browsed all over JobStreet.com yesterday. I knew this site a long time ago, but I just don't remember how I stumbled across that site yesterday. In fact, when I signed up at that time, my curiosity about today's job requirements grew higher and higher. I firstly enlisted myself in JobStreet.com. I filled JobStreet resume and being stuck in skill options. Folks, I just found writing as my the one and only skill -_- I even lied about my Indonesian language proficiency. My Kochan said that 9 as my proficiency rating is just too high -_-" I totally realized that this thing would make me more desperate if I decided to continue filling the resume. Then I saw him, he saw me, we saw each other and I was getting conscious! My Kochan has skills as much as you can tell me. HAHA! I enlisted him, filled his resume, he helped me, but he actually even didn't care about it at all. Being an employee is not even be listed in his dream list.. However, I love filling his resume so much. There are so much skills, job experiences, languages proficiency he has. And ta-da! I successfully filled whole resume of my great Kochan and searched jobs based on his qualifications :) There are so many jobs and it is just bloody easy to find job vacancies and apply to it via JobStreet.com. No need to send via post. No need to print resume. Just click apply, apply, and apply :D It was unbelievably reaaaaaaaaaal fun!!!! I don't even think that Kochan will be willing to come to job interview if there is one employer who is interest with his resume anyway :p That job browsing time basically makes me aware about what kind of employee that employer needs. It makes me think that I should have self actualization before I become fresh graduate :) JobStreet.com makes me happy as well.

AH, like I told you, I blabbed too much. I think I should list something that my Kochan can do to make me happy :D

I am happy when I travel!! Travel to anywhere, whether to any parts in Indonesia or overseas. In my whole life, I already travel in less than 100 cities in the world (such a high standard I put :p): Jakarta, Bandung, Bogor, Batam, Bali, Malang, Singapore, Malaysia, Jogjakarta, Kebumen, Surabaya, and that's it -_-" Most of my traveling notes are documented in this blog. Well, it is fun to be an outsider of a city and getting amazed by places around the city that probably so ordinary for the natives :D I have a dream to travel around America or maybe stay there someday :p For now, I just want my Kochan takes me to Kebun Raya Purwodadi, Bromo Mt., and Sempu Beach, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee love :)

A massively large green turf in Kebun Raya Purwodadi 
(image from here)

Three beautiful mountains -Bromo Mt., Semeru Mt., and Batok Mt.
(image from here)

Sempu Beach!!! This is where The Beach film taken place!!
(image from here)

Take me there, babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy >_<

Googling pictures for this blog post actually distracts me so much. I found a fact that there is a waterfall behind Kebun Raya Purwodadi in my googling time. hoho such a booster for me to go there in the short time :))