Feb 19, 2012

Put yourself in other else's shoes!

Day 12: the best advice you’ve ever heard, or ever been given

I actually don't only receive one good advice in my whole life. The preachers at Church exactly passed the good advices in every Sunday services. However, I only want to state one best advice that I ever gotten. It came from Ms. Sophia Anggraita, one of my friends in campus. She basically is 3 years older than I. She took Law degree besides this Literature degree, such a double degree thingy. I'd love to listen to her experience just about anything. One of her experience which left trace in my mind is about her thesis in Law faculty. She analyzed about human trafficking which occurs to TKI. She interviewed one of TKW who successfully released from her cruel boss in Macau. This conversation finally led to her stories about her passion of being international lawyer -that's why she also takes literature degree in English department-. She wants to make contribution in social field in her future, especially in this human trafficking matter. She explained that she is not a person who would treasure money from her lawyer job. She wants to help TKI who fall into this human trafficking. I learned so much from her. So that, I'd like to have sharing time with her in every occasion we had. According to her age, it makes sense for me to ask some advice from her just about anything.

She once stated about an utterance that teaches me about empathy.
"Put yourself in other else's shoes"
I forgot about things that we talked about when this advice passed from her lips. However, this advice truly has potential to become reminder for us before we do something to others. For example: if we want to talk harsh to someone, just put ourselves in her or his position. What would we feel about hearing something harsh that passed by other people. The thing is just treat others the way you want to be treated.

Yaaaaaaa, I think this advice suit best to empathy matter.. When I wrote this thing, I just remembered about something I learned in Camp Maba PMK Efod last month. I involved in a section which is named PI (Pekabaran Injil). I passed something about CFRC (Creation-Fall-Redemption-Consumation) to a group of Maba in that camp. I actually won't pass you the whole PI in this post :) One parts of this PI actually told them about how Lord Jesus came as a human being and putting himself into the shoes of human being. He is Lord who is not only 'sitting' in Heaven, but came to this cruel world as a human being who also felt hungry, thirsty, be backbitten, and all human being experienced.

To sum up, this advice could be related to what Lord Jesus already done for the world.