Feb 18, 2012

Worst advice and worst error

Day 11: the worst advice you’ve ever heard, or ever been given

I think I often got bad advices in my whole life, but I already forgot them. Why should I remember bad things? Well, the one and only bad advice I remember came from my Kochan because he actually gave it yesterday.
"Don't worry, your money will save you"
That's what he said.Such a harsh word, yes? haha.. Well, he said so just because he was impatient with my exaggerated behavior. It started when I found my Lepisus -my laptop's name- produced unbelievably loud sound when I turned her on. Not only that, she also shook unusually intensive, followed after her loud sound. It happened right after I checked her hard disk with HDtune, if I'm not mistaken. However, I didn't wait until it finished because it just took an unexpectedly long time to be done and I basically couldn't use her during her hard disk checking time -_- So I turned her off in the middle of checking time, got home, then I turned her on and that bad moment happened. It successfully made my heart cried. Exaggerated action, yes?

 Hello, I am called as Lepisus..

I directly called my Kochan, told him about what happened to my lepisus. I was worried, indeed. I guessed that loud sound came from my lepisus's fan and it was because of unfinished hard disk checking. This thing also happened to my Kochan's Pico. Pico's fan actually sounds loudly because of some collisions long time ago, and Lepisus' condition was almost same with Pico, It even shook and sounded harder -_-" My Kochan as usual calmed me down and promised me to try to fix his Pico's fan first, then if he succeeded to fix his Pico, he would try to fix my lepisus. I actually should be quiet after heard his explanation, but I didn't -_-" I restarted my lepisus and hope the noisy distracted sound and vibration gone. But, they didn't. I waited until they were totally gone. And they were gone when I went into the desktop. Such a relieve, indeed. Then I had YM with my Kochan, exaggerated all things, insisted to bring lepisus to Asus Service Center, and mourned about my economic condition which has no excessive calculation for this thing, and mourned and mourned and mourned.

Then he reminded me that I still have enough money to get Lepisus being serviced. Then I started being calm down. Then he told me that harsh advice. He probably was upset with my annoying behavior but still calmed me down and planned to go to my house to look after my lepisus.  Then I grounded. Then he told me that I still have warranty period of my Lepisus, which means I don't need to pay anything +_+ haisssssssshhh I felt stupid. 

When I was in my steady condition, we analyzed what happened to this Lepisus. I told him that the sound and vibration came from the right side of my Lepisus. He realized that the right side is a place of CD room. If the sound and vibration were produced by Lepisus' fan, it must came from the left side. He asked me to check the CD room whether there was a CD inside or not. I found a CD in it and started feeling nitwitted. I rebooted my Lepisus and TA DA.. The sound and vibration were gone. And YES! it was just because of my stupidity, didn't realize that there is a CD inside my CD room -_-"

What a moron!