May 20, 2012

skripSHIT skripSWEET

Last time, I wrote about my difficult time in working on my thesis, when I don't have any adviser yet. That time is already passed and I just think how great my God works in my thesis thingy. On early of this semester, I made time schedule for my thesis which requires me to have seminar of thesis proposal at least at the end of March. However it was failed since my adviser was sick. Then I rescheduled my thesis-planning when I firstly had consultation with my adviser. I planned to have sempro on April. And it was also failed due to too much revision of my first chapter T.T It needed more than one month to revise it over and over again. Since that moment, I surrender to God, hoping the best, but not make too high expectation. Just like my favorite quotation when I am required to face hard situation, I did my best and let God do the rest, God works like that way. My second chapter only needed 2 times of revision. My second adviser just needed 1 week to learn my first and second chapter. I held sempro one week after my Kochan's birthday (May 15th). And it was awesome! Everything went smoothly fine. I made my bigger step for my graduation. My advisers love my presentation. And the most important thing, I am getting of best of my whole thesis' chapters. I just can't wait to have serious moments and work harder on my third chapter. I actually plan something relate to 3rd chapter's deadline, but it is just plan. I won't to be a stickkler anymore to realize that plan. I am pleasure to let God put oar in my plan :)

Revise this and revise that moment deliver nice result. I am such unhappy with this rule. We are wasting so much papers just for to be scratched by advisers T.T What a waste! I actually have heaps of used papers which wait to be sold after my graduation

Announcement of my thesis proposal seminar
Got a problem with one of my Faculty's staff. He typed wrong room for my sempro. It must be FIB 1.1, not 1.7. And this wrong typographical did not happen to me only, but also to some of my friends. There is even a friend who got into a trouble with her adviser because this faculty's staff typed her sempro's time wrongly. That incident actually made me more aware to his promise which convince me that he will make confirmation asap for my advisers related to this wrong announcement -_-" Please FIB UB, have a follow-up for this incident!

Just a minor revision after sempro
It is a matter of my diction --" I chose wrong word to explain my objective of the study T.T Even my adviser knows me well. She knows that I'm difficult to describe something-I-want-to-tell with right diction haha!

I'm ready for the third chapter and so forth :D