Aug 18, 2012

Bureaucracy to be a bachelor of art

As I wrote on the previous posts, I conducted a research as my final project in university and it is definitely my very first research all my life. So now, I proudly present the abstract of my research in order to record what amazing work I did during last semester :P Enjoy :)
Anggraini, Atalya. 2012. A Study of Josephine Alibrandi’s Self-Concept in Melina Marchetta’s Looking for Alibrandi. Study Program of English, Department of Languages and Literature, Faculty of Culture Studies, Universitas Brawijaya. Supervisor:Dyah Eko Hapsari; Co-supervisor: Arcci Tusita

Keywords: self-concept, self-image, self-ideal, self-esteem

Humans always actualize themselves actively. They experience developmental process, which is influenced by endogenous and exogenous factors. This study deals with how human being encounters conflicts in his life, which give effect to his self-concept. The aim of this research is to analyze Josephine’s self-concept, the main character of the novel, as it is portrayed in Melina Marchetta’s Looking for Alibrandi

Psychological approach is assessed and applied to the analysis of the novels with the consideration that self-concept is relevant to Josephine’s psychological aspect. The theoretical framework to be used when analyzing the texts is derived from the idea of self-concept, which is a result of composition of self-image, self-ideal, and self-esteem. Attention is also given to influential factors to Josephine’s self-concept. 

The study finds that Josephine perceives herself as unattractive, disrespectful, overdramatic, smart and she has to deal with her social status as a ‘wog’ and an illegitimate child. She wants to be a barrister and being accepted by society. The fact that “having affair” becomes her family’s genetic disease makes her want to be a person of normalcy. Her dream about being barrister is in accordance to her intelligence and it leads to high self-esteem. In contrast, her aspiration to be accepted by society has discrepancy with her self-image, which results to low self-esteem. However, she can upgrade her self-esteem higher through a number of processes in her family and school life. 

The writer infers that family relationship plays significant role in shaping Josephine Alibrandi’s self-concept. This means that a person’s self-concept cannot be established by one’s perception only, but involves other people’s perception about a person.

Well, since August 1st, I actually graduated academically, but not graduated administratively. There is still longggggg way to go to fulfill the requirements to have Wisuda and completely graduate from Universitas Brawijaya. I'd like to share about how the bureaucracy in Fakultas Ilmu Budaya Universitas Brawijaya gets its students into a mess.

I felt extremely happy when I passed the examination. However, that happiness shaded off by the time I got must-to-do list from a friend about things I must do to be allowed having Wisuda. Firstly, I have to revise my skripsi before it is formally bundled. Bundling time happened after I got ACCs from my supervisors. I held brief survey around campus in order to get a place which can bundle my skripsi in a short time and with a low fare. I observed about 5 places and here the results:

1. Fotocopy depan gedung Arsitektur UB (di ruko, sebelahnya ada tempat makan prasmanan)
They are able to finish it in 4 days +_+ Longer than I thought. The price starts from IDR 30.000 and they cannot make the letters on the cover float to the surface alias timbul.

2. Fotocopy Setengah Enam Pagi (SEP) in front of Gedung FIA UB
As I know, this place offers lower price to xerox or print out something and so does for skripsi bundling :D  Same with the previous, there is no cover timbul service. However, its price is way cheaper! IDR 10.000 for standard service (means it takes longer time to be finished) and IDR 20.000 for one day service.. Unfortunately, I looked for timbul service, so I decided only to print out and xerox my skripsi there. IDR 150 to print with A4 70 gr paper. I forgot how much it takes for A4 80 gr.

3. Maestro dekat Oro-oro Dowo
Le friend warned me to not count on Maestro on these days. Its waiting list is way longer than other places. However, it gives low price indeed. IDR 15.000 for timbul service and my friend is truly right; it takes longer time to finish it. If I put my skripsi on Saturday, I can get it back on Thursday. Almost one week +_+

4. Fotocopy Wijaya Oro-oro Dowo
This is the quickest yet the most expensive place to bundle skripsi. It only takes about three days to bundle skripsi complete with the timbul cover. However, it takes IDR 25.000/each bundle. I was about bundling 4 copies which means it takes IDR 100.000 +_+ big no no..

5. Angkasa Putra Oro-oro Dowo
This is my favorite place to have digital printing with A3 art paper. Printing something to such paper only takes IDR 2.000 for college students with KTM and IDR 3.000 (if I'm not mistaken) for common people. The first time I asked about bundling price, the staff mentioned IDR 14.000/each copy with timbul cover and it can be finished on Wednesday morning (I went there on Sat). I set my heart to bundle my skripsi there. They asked me what I want: what color of the chapter divider, want to add knee-piece (tepi skripsi yang dikasih besi itu) or not, the inside cover dibikin timbul or not, the logo inside timbul or not and so on. However, in that Q and A session, they disappointed me. They can't put the title of my skripsi on its back (bagian punggung) and there is no Wed morning, but Wed 2 pm. I definitely can complain and cancel my order, but I'd prefer to not do that thing. I let the disappointment ate my heart and disappear when I didn't notice it :P In the end, I can't take my skripsi on Wed 2 pm due to surprise offers in Jakarta :P I took it a week after I put it and ended up to pay about approximately IDR 15.000/copy. I guessed, the price raised to fit to what I asked :)

Ok, back to bureaucracy things. When I got my skripsi be bundled, I have to ask my supervisors, examiners, head of the study program, and  head of the department to fill the signature space on my skripsi. Four years being an FIB student makes me become an expert in estimating the time I will spend on to chase after those important people's signatures. 2 days! The first day for supervisor and examiner. The second day for the heads. Luckily, I can get the signs of supervisors, examiners, and head of study program in a day :) So I expect to get the signature of head of department on the morning of the second day. Unfortunately, I was over-expected. I have to pass a whole day to get the head of department's signature T.T


I can move forward on the third day. I ask the score of my skripsi to Mas Farid in Pengajaran. He fills the score space with an A. YAY! Well, this is actually also the perfect time to ask Surat Keterangan Lulus and Transkrip because they need long time to be done (about one week and if you're lucky, it can be done in 3 days, like mine :)). I also asked blangko pendaftaran wisuda and I have to chase after 7 people's signatures *sigh* before enlisted as student-soon-to-be-officially-a-bachelor in Wisuda +_+ I list it below as the order I asked the signatures..
Blangko Pendaftaran Wisuda
Form from SAC
1. TTD lunas SPP/Keuangan lainnya
This space is filled by Pak Ibnu from FIB finance division. I have to print out my last semester finance condition in SIAM as an evidence that I completely paid off all matters in Universitas Brawijaya

2. TTD tidak mempunyai buku di SAC (Self Access Center) FIB
It is filled by Mbak Tiwi. I have to handed over 2 copies of my skripsi and a CD filled with my skripsi in PDF file. There, they gave me a form which is needed to be signed by a staff from Perpus pusat UB.

3. TTD tidak mempunyai pinjaman buku di perpus pusat UB
It is filled by its staff after I gave them a hardcopy and a softcopy in PDF file of my skripsi. They check the content and willing to sign the blangko pendaftaran wisuda as well as the form which SAC gave. I have to pay IDR 25.000 for Sumbangan Alumni. I really do not know what the social benefit of that sumbangan alumni -_-" The form from SAC need to be xeroxed and I have to go back to SAC to give its copy for their archive.

4. TTD telah menyerahkan skripsi
Mas Rona signed this space after I handed my skripsi over SAC and Perpustakaan Pusat UB. I have to ask SAC mengecap (bahasa inggrisnya cap yang bener apa yaaa??) his signature.

5. TTD tidak mempunyai pinjaman di KOPMA
I honestly admit that I just know Koperasi Mahasiswa UB provides loan for its students by the time I read this blangko pendaftaran wisuda +_+ There are no socialization at all during my time in Universitas Brawijaya. Well, whatevs. I actually do not need the loan badly :)) Well, I have to pay IDR 5.000 for administration thingy. What kind of administration?? I don't know.. Maybe to buy some pens to be used to sign the blangko thingy. yadayadayada..

6. TTD Lunas membayar wisuda, pengurusan transkrip & kartu Alumni
Surat Keterangan Lulus & Transkrip (10 copies/each)
Well, there is a rough process before getting Mas Farid's signature on this space. I have to get validation from rektorat (validasi bebas SPP karena sudah lulus). Modal utama buat validasi ke rektorat adalah Surat Keterangan Lulus. So it is important to ask pengajaran about the SKL one week before you plan to go to rektorat. As a matter of fact, rektorat universitas brawijaya has more complicated bureaucracy than its faculties! These days are not even close to good time to ask validation from rektorat! There are about hundreds of students who queue to ask keringanan SPP, penundaan bayar SPP and so on. Tahun ajaran baru rules! Validation thingy is #927 priority for them. Nomor antrian buat terhubung langsung dengan petugas yang berwenang bisa diambil mulai jam setengah empat SUBUH setiap hari kerja. This is totally insane!!! I have to come probably at 3 a.m. to get #1 queue list -_______-" However, I am not willing to do it. On the fourth day, I took my Surat Keterangan Lulus and transkrip in pengajaran. I have to xerox them 10 times and gave them back to pengajaran buat dicap. I met bunch of my friends did the same things like I did. They offered me to join in their queue number to get validation from rektorat. Someone told them that satu nomor bisa dipake buat at least 5 orang. So I collected my SKL to them and waited until our number is called. For your information, my friend took the nomor antrian at 5.30 am and she got #238. Crazyyyyyy!!! 1.30 pm: after 3 hours of waiting, her number is called and jeng jeng jeng jeng.... The officer didn't want to validate those heaps of SKL. He only wanted to validate 2 SKL. Shit happened. 3 hours for nothing. So some friends, including me, decided to take the collective way. The consequence is we have to wait until after Libur Lebaran to get our SKL are validated T.T uyeahhhhhh... My effort was stopped in this step and I can move forward one week later (Aug 27th) after my SKL is validated.

The validation thingy is not the end. I have to fulfill the data in SIUDA and print it out. Then, give them to Mas Farid, and pay IDR 500.000 to have wisuda. I really do not know what kind of bureaucracy I have to face ahead.

I hope I can officially enlist for wisuda by 27 August because I plan to go back to Jakarta on 28 August and not go back to Malang until the wisuda time. I do not know whether the other universities have bureaucracy as complicated as Universitas Brawijaya or not. It actually can be way simpler than it is now IF the system is online based!! No need to chase after a lot of signatures for blangko pendaftaran wisuda! No need to come at 3.30 in the morning to get the #1 of queue list! No need to waste time, energy, and emotion T.T  

Please Universitas Brawijaya, be better on your service!!!!