Aug 5, 2012

It's all done

rrr.. 3 moths already, huh? Didn't write anything on this blog.. uuu poor blog +_+ Your mother of words kinda busy with her thesis. But it was finally done with bloody sweat and tears and thought. I am officially a Bachelor of Art which is also known as Sarjana Sastra in Bahasa. I know, I know, it sounds cooler in English. Unfortunately, I have accept my destiny to be predicated with S.S on my last name :D Be glad! Four years of my study is already paid off VERY VERY VERY WELL :) I actually had no confidence when I compared my thesis' topic with others', especially those who are supervised by Ms. Hermin *one of phenomenal literature lecturer*. I honestly expected to be supervised by her since my 7th semester, but I chose the wrong topic. I chose psychological topic instead of black discrimination, which becomes her specialization. I have Ms. Didy and Ms. Arcci as my supervisors and I know they're great on my chosen field.

But God works in mysterious way.  

Mysterious.Yet. Amazing. Way.

I had my result seminar on July 17th. I can say it became my 22nd birthday gift :p And jeng jeng jeng jeng Ms. Hermin became my examiner. Yes, I expected her to become my supervisor, but not examiner, not become the scary one T.T In addition, both of my supervisors are counted as younger lecturers being compared to Ms. Hermin. You must ever heard about if you get senior lecture as supervisor, there must be hard rough ways in consultation moments, but you'll have no obstacle on the examination because senior always becomes a senior.. On the contrary, if you have junior lecturer as supervisors, you'll get no obstacles in your consultation time, but you'll have to face senior lecture bring you to bay on the examination. And those junior lecturers cannot do something to protect you. Senior students said that Ms. Hermin is not as kind as she usually does. Rumors ate my courage -_- I also proves that by attending some of result seminar which are supervised or examined by her. Unfortunately, rumors were true.. On the D-day of my result seminar, my courage drown every time I looked at her eyes. What I prepared to be explained is one second only sihhhh.. but still, that was my scariest moment in my life. However, it ended well. The utterance about junior and senior lecturer is 99% right in my case. Ms. Hermin suggests a lot of things and I took all of her suggestions as constructive suggestions that I needed so much.

The judgement day came.

The examination day is set on August 1st. What a thing to start my August, huh? I built my courage as well as I understand my thesis inside outside.. The night before examination was the most deg-degan nigh of my life. August 1st, sun still rose. Oxygen were still free. And my heart was still on the left side *and always still on it*. I prepared as much as I can and definitely surrender to The Creator to do the rest. I presented my thesis and Q&A session actually was not as difficult as I thought. Ms. Hermin was curious enough with my thesis and she asks A LOT of questions, which are *luckily* in accordance to what I wrote. I enjoyed that session to the max :D I was no doubt when I heard the result of hearing session :) I passed the examiation :)) Later I knew from a friend that Ms. Hermin really appreciates my detail analysis on my thesis and it makes me flyinnnnn and realize that I am not as bad as I perceived. Perceived. This word reminds me to a whole content of my thesis. My analysis is about how a self perceives herself and result to how she thinks, behaves, and acts. I know well that the working process in analyzing Josephine's psychological condition really strikes to the point of both my heart and mind. I experience what Josephine has to struggle. No exaggeration, but what Ms. Didy, my supervisor, says that the main purpose of analyzing literary works does not only to fulfill the requirement of being sarjana. It must become a benefit in your life too is fully right. Luckily, I caught this goal :D

Atalya Anggraini, S.S

God always and always works in mysterious way :)

hoammm.. what a boring story up there +_+ Well, in the period of 3 months when I didn't touch any part of my blog, I do something that I keen on. It starts when KWU class asked the students to practice all theories we gained in class. Briefly, we have to sell something! Since my kochan has a great idea to make a one stop computer service tapi ga jadi2.... So I help him to realize his dream :P You know, my kochan is typical conceptor person, while I am typical act-without-more-think person. Let's say, we are meant to be together :D We build Chatal Digital House which provide all service related creative digital technology. You can repair your PC, Laptop (Hardware, software) on our company. We also deal with creative digital matter, like designing anything you want, video production, even  software training! When we try to grow up our company, journalistic students in my faculty have to make a magazine as their final project. As you can think, that became our money field :P We helped 6 friends making magazines and finished those 6 magazines in about one week +_+ One magazine generally consists of 20 pages. That successfully create panas dalam for about two weeks due to lembur time yang bisa sampe jam 1 pagi tiap hari T.T However, I love what I deal with. I don't know since when I became digital person. As long as I remembered, I ever sworn to not ever involve technology in making creative product. Handycraft rules! Haha.. this perspective changes after my kochan introduced me to Photoshop indeed since i don't know what time :D Well, I'm about to share my favourite magazine layouts I ever made. You know, every artist is allowed to have his/her favorite work :p


A small number of my works.. Well, if you are interesting enough to get Chatal Digital House as your partner in design or service matter, you can make comment on this post :D

While I was waiting for the uploading time of those pictures, I read my our daily bread and I don't have any idea that God reminds me about something tonight.

Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, yes I will help you; yes I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. Isaiah 41:10

He asked me to do something out of my comfort zone four years ago! I was fearful 4 years ago. But, as I stepped out in faith, God provide the power to obey. OMG, I just realize that I already pass my 4 years successfully, sweetly, and unforgettably! That's more than I expect.. And he reminds me again through my sate tonight. I don't know why... Are you asking me to do something out of my comfort zone again, God? related to my future work? I am ready.. ready as my Kochan too :)

He who calls you is faithful, who also will do it
1 Thessalonians 5:24

Anyway, to keep my blog updated, since now I decided that Tuesday will be a blogging day! Why Tuesday? Because Tuesday is not Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday..