Aug 27, 2012

The Unfinished Business

AND this is my last night in Malang, at least for this month. for this next two months. or three months if I'm unlucky. Will be back here for wisuda which will be held on ... I don't know. I even don't complete the requirements to apply wisuda yet. Let's blame REKTORAT UNIVERSITAS BRAWIJAYA for this thing. They are freaking disappointing!! I put my SKL which is needed to be validated since Aug 16 and today is Aug 27 and I think they don't even touch those heaps of SKL yet. Yes! They have national holiday, BUT they should already work actively since Aug 23. Only God who knows what they are doing in the office these 3 days -______-

Okayyyy just face it..
The system. The bureaucracy. Those disappointing rektorat Universitas Brawijaya's officers. The 5th floor receptionist who always says i don't know for most questions I ask.

Well, this is the consequence which I must take for being a part of government's system. Just hope the best. for tomorrow.. for the future.. for this random post.

Cheers :)