Nov 3, 2012

Cities which Blow My Mind Up!

And here I come.. My home of words.

There is a thing which popped up in my mind when I visited Solo a couple of months ago. I should write something about Indonesia. You know, I just saw a different point of view when I went there and also realized that each city in Indonesia actually has different point of views in seeing something. Thanks God, I am blessed  by so many opportunities which delivered me to some cities in Indonesia. Not much, but worth it to share them here.

Well, pardon my uninteresting way of writing since I'm not doing this stuff again for a month at all +_+

1. The Capital City, DKI Jakarta
It is surely listed in the first order since I have been spending 18 years of my life here. I love Jakarta. Who doesn't? *a lot!* haha! Most of Indonesian consider Jakarta as a land of better opportunity than their hometown's. It is probably true for the great and lucky people. The workmosphere here is pretty different being compared to other cities. Only in this city I see how people are willing to jostle themselves in a bus and train. People here are also fine to be stuck in a traffic-damn-jam every morning and evening in weekdays . Yes, they do it for the sake of their job life. Jakarta can be said as a city with the biggest salary rate in Indonesia. That's why tons of people outside Jakarta come here for a better future, they say. I may be one of them :P And I also ever watched Metro TV which says that Jakarta is a city which have a lot of patient people (if you know what I mean ;))

Since I have been working here, I analyze that most of workers here don't really enjoy their life to the fullest. They go to the office in the early morning and spend like 9 hours in the office. Then go home and arrive at night and give their leftover time to family. I don't think that this is a proper way to live the life. I see so many destruction in family due to this cycle of life. Well, each person has different perceptions of life, though.

This photo is taken in 2007 from the top floor of Plaza Semanggi (The former of Semanggi Sky Dining)

A land of eastern value destroyer may also suit this city better :) Most of you are probably aware what kind of Eastern value we used to hold. And that value gradually shades off in the heart of Jakartans. This city is surely the main gate of world's globalization. This is the central of everything in Indonesia. I don't talk about the governor, but behavior. All media here may receive the same trends or tendency to do something from abroad, mostly from western countries. Media plays the important role in Jakartan's life. And this is actually how sheer outfit seems surely fine to be worn by people here -_- I don't know what people think about when they decide to wear sheer outfit which shows their underwear well. Surprisingly, they even feel proud with it. What's wrong, girls? Do you proud to make all men observe you lustfully? Will you still be fine if someone rapes you just because you want to look like a super model with sheer outfit as seen in magazines? If yes, I'm really sorry to hear that. Define me a naive one, but knowing and living in cities outside Jakarta quite open my eyes to understand the 'right' values.

If you are clueless about the sheer outfit, just take a look at Pink's photo above and YES this outfit was ever being worn by a girl in one of Jakarta's shopping center. Got the photo from here.

My Kochan hates this city anyway. He says that this is a city which can kill a good person's consciousness. Can't more agree with it! But still, I have thousands reasons to love Jakarta. Although I don't have any plan to let my life be grope by Jakarta for a long term period :)

2. Malang
Let's say, I start this post with the most familiar cities for me. Well, Malang is my mom's hometown. Before I went to College there, I continually used to visit this town every school holiday and Xmas. Spending 4 years of my life there makes my heart love this town. Yep, I am physically in Jakarta now, but my heart is always in Malang :) I could say that my perception about this town is 180 degrees changed after I left this town and moved back to Jakarta couple of months ago. I often posted about how I dislike this town so much in the first years of my arrival there. Lately, those feelings are gone. This town is nice to me and I realize that there are actually some reasons why I dislike it and they have no relation at all to the town itself. 

Malang City Landscape. Taken in 2010 from Bukit Banyak Batu, a place to try paragliding :D

Malang is like West Java's Bandung. It has lovely weather. Surely not hot like Jakarta or Surabaya and not cold like Antarctica :P Definitely similar to Bandung. July actually becomes the coldest month of the year there. On that month, the coldness could be felt in your bone even in the afternoon. Whoaaaaa I really miss being frozen when woke up in the morning there :"(

Dear Tourists, Malang should be in your A-List when you visit East Java. It is a good start point to grope other amazing places in East Java. It only takes 30 mins to Batu where you can enjoy its Museum Satwa, BNS, Coban Rondo, Coban something I forget the detail name, Paragliding and so much more. Then, you can catch sun in Bromo Mt. by taking 2 hours journey. It also takes 2 hours to go to Sempu Island which is famous with its Segara Anakan, 2 hours to Surabaya, and 7 hours to Bali by land transportation. If you have more time, just forget about plane. Traveling via land-way is somehow wayyyyy attractive instead of taking plane :D And Malang itself also has its own tourists spots. I think, Toko Ice Cream Oen in Alun-alun Malang is well known among tourists. Whereas local people seldom hang out there due to its high price. Toko Oen sells the-good-old-time theme. Yeah, it established since Netherlands colonized Indonesia (I lost my memory in mentioning what year). Besides Toko Oen, I don't know where else the tourist spots in Malang :P Better to check travel agent in Malang or go to Google for more info.

Yey, this is Bromo Mt.! and it was a hard journey we've been taken to go there! Maybe I'll post about it later.

It is taken in Sendang Biru Beach. Well, the island behind my Kochan is Sempu island. Rrrr it was about one step only to get there but we weren't due to the limited time we had :(

Four years are enough for me to know Malang deeper. I already know where I can buy personal care with lower price, where import food are sold with reasonable price, where I can print art paper with  A3 size only by IDR5k, where I can buy books and magazines with 5% discount, where I can find the most delicious and cheapest lalapan Ayam se-malang, where I can find lots of hamster's cage with good price and design..... Gosh! I think, I will burst into tears if I continue listing those memorable places :_(

This town is probably not as complete as Jakarta and surely not modern being compared to Jakarta or even Surabaya. But it has a peace which those latter cities don't have. And this city also keeps my love safely and soundly :") I just can't wait to be hugged by this city once again..

3. Batam
Singapore!!!! Yay! That country will actually pop up when most people heard about Batam. Yap, Batam is the closest Indonesian island to Singapore. Just need 45 mins to go to Singapore from Batam by ferry. Well, I won't talk about Singapore anyway. Batam means shopping for me because I have an aunty there who loves shopping :P Well, this city doesn't copy Jakartans related to the fashion stuff or even gadget stuff. This city tends to copy Singaporean trend. It makes sense, since going to Singapore is wayyyy cheaper than going to Jakarta. This city is famous with its gadget's black market. Hmmm since the very first time I went there, I actually never ever bought any black market stuff. It doesn't mean that I don't like illegal stuff, but I don't find the place which sell those illegal things two times below the official price +_+ If there is anyone can explain the location of those black market seller, just let me know! Seriously, let me know.

I don't have any Batam City photo, so I took it from this link . I think it is taken from Telkomsel building in Batam center. The photo is portrayed Mega Mall Batam Center and Batam Center Ferry Harbor.

Batam Batam Batam.... It is a hotttt city. Hotter than Jakarta +_+ It has a lot of forests indeed but these recent 5 years, half of them are destroyed and changed into residence and co-work spaces. This is a dry land indeed. This is also a seafood city. There are a lot of restaurants which are beautifully located in the sea shore and provide fresh seafood there. There are also so many harbors. It is probably because this city is a small island and need to be connected to other islands by water or air transportation. One regrettable thing here is the public transportation in the city are managed by private sectors and they create a mess actually. The public transportation there is truthfully horrible. A new comer may not know that there are personal cars which are malfunctions as public transportation. There are no direction at all which show those public 'car' transportation depart for where. The taxi actually has the same condition. There are no legal taxi around city, except you take taxi from harbors or airport. Those two places have official and safe taxi. Sooooo, it is better if you rent a car for yourself to go around this city as a tourist :D

Well, Batam is well known with its Barelang bridge. Well Barelang is actually a connecting structure of bridges which connect Batam to other small islands in its south: Tonton - Nipah - Setoko - Galang - Galang Baru. So the big bridge of Barelang, which looks like Tower Bridge in California, connect Batam island to Tonton island. Then we have to go along Tonton Island and find another bridge (not as big as Barelang) which connects to Nipah island and so on. It was a very long journey to reach Galang Baru island indeed. But it paid off with the historical place I visited in Galang island. Have heard about USA colonized Vietnam in 1970s? Well, there are a lot of Vietnamese who ran to Indonesia (Galang Island) and stayed there until around 1990s. And the historical place I meant is the area where those Vietnamese lived during their time in Indonesia. The area is kinda scary since there are a lot of graveyard and the silence around this area was killing my courage slowly ;( But it is worth it to visit!!! So, don't just hang around in clubs when you are in Batam. Explore the different side of Batam and feel the spooky sensation hihihiiiiii..

This is the biggest Bareland bridge. Looks similar to Tower Bridge in CA, right? This image comes from here.

4. Bali
Yayyyy! Who doesn't know Bali? Who doesn't love Bali? :) Been there in the mid 2010 for the very first time and I hope it was not my last time too :P And one word can describe her, marvelous! I went there like common tourists. I visited Tanjung Benoa, Kuta, Tanah Lot, Jimbaran, Uluwatu, GWK, Kintamani, and Sukowati. Hahaa kind of must-visit-places list for newbie tourist in Bali :P And those places are uniquely beautiful for sure.

Similar to Batam, last time when I went there, it doesn't have official public transportation, but I don't know in detail since I just spent one week there. Well, everything is unique there. It actually is a lovely place to work. I think, people can get much money by maximizing the potential income from tourist with less pressure like in Jakarta. If a businessman is getting stress, he'd better walking around the beach and feel how the wind touch his face and ta-da he will get the refreshment back :P hahaa theory is easy right? But I heard that Bali government don't allow any building have height which is higher than the coconut tree. Hmm, it is not veritable yet. But, it is good to be true! Don't let Bali become an urban area. Enough with Jakarta, Surabaya, and I don't know what else cities.

Back to 2010!! I took this photo in Tanah Lot and as you can see, there was a human-flood filled the sea shore

Well well I'm dreaming to visit Bali again and explore her hidden beaches as mentioned in articles I read :") Also really wish to have a wedding there but it's pretty impossible since I'm not willing to pay all the transportation cost of my family to attend my wedding if it is held in Bali :p -- wow, I made such a complex sentence hahaa..

5. Surabaya
I've been there like three or four times and didn't explore it too far. Surabaya is actually like an oasis for me who was craved for good malls and didn't find any in Malang :P Yep, Surabaya already becomes incarnation of Jakarta. I think its total number of malls can beat Jakarta's. I went there for mall-purpose twice with my Kochan and it was fun. We visited Tunjungan Plaza in our first journey and Ciputra World for our second. We were really happy since Surabaya has a brand new movie which Malang didn't have yet at that time. Yap, we are movie goers couple. Can't live a life without movies actually. Even our relationship is like a movie :D However, we definitely don't love Surabaya as much as we love Malang. We can't stand its hotness and traffic-damn-jam. Ha! It sounds like we are a couple who love peacemosphere *just "sounds like", different to "our real world scenario" indeed haha..*

Similar to Batam case, I don't have any photo which portrays Surabaya (most photos portray me and my Kochan :P). I got that photo from here. Don't know where it was taken since I didn't explore Surabaya this much ;)

Ah ya, I remembered that I also ever went there for suramadu-purpose!! Haha.. It was like three years ago when a bridge which connect Surabaya and Madura island was established. Been there with family and try the sensation of passing Selat Madura through bridge :D I forgot the cost we have to pay. If I'm not mistaken, IDR30k for a car/one way. And it was the scariest yet the coolest thing ever! The wind was sooooo heavy and it seems like can fly the cars to the sea in my imagination. I was wondering how does it feel passing the bridge by motorcycle +_+ Yaaa and that's all, after passing the bridge, we were officially stepped in Madura island, spent like 10 mins there and turned the car back to Surabaya :D

Looks like I love exploring Indonesian bridge, huh? Haha.. I'm not :) Well the pic above is Suramadu bridge and got the image from this link.

I think, I'd better to continue this topic in the following post, unless I'll create a novel instead a blog post related to this topic +_+ Next post, I'd love to write about Kebumen, Yogyakarta, Solo, and Bandung :D