Aug 24, 2013

Malang: The Heaven of Food!

Hello! It's been one month since I brought my ass back to Malang :P Yup, Malang. For good. It was a long story, but to make it short, you may like to know that I've been doing a home-based work now, a new website project of my company. The highlight of this month is not about my job, but this ---- I successfully gained 3 kilos on the first two weeks being here! What a fatty baby! I think I can blame my Kochan for insisting me to eat more and more in order to get my fat back. Yup, it was gone for almost one year due to traffic-damn-jam in Jakarta. Besides, there are a lot of delish foods with reasonable price here. Well, I'm such a food hunter since then. I'm about making short review of Malangese foods and restaurants that I've ever visited and tasted ;) Hope it'll be useful for those who googled "makanan di Malang" or "tempat makan di Malang" or something-like-that *padahalbiaralexaranknyamakinnaik* :p

1. Depot Anugerah - Blimbing
Ayam Kalasan Sambel Bawang
This one is near of my boarding house, about 25 footsteps I think. I guess its specialty is Ayam Kalasan Sambel Bawang, because they printed that menu with a very large text. This was the first food I ate on my first day here. It was mouthwatering and tasted sooo spicy, but that's fine for me because I love spicy foods. Unfortunately, they just gave only a few sambel bawang. I even had to steal sambel bawang from Kochan's dish to bang-up my pleasure :( The chicken was slightly small, but it makes sense since they use ayam kampung, not ayam kota apalagi ayam kampus. Later I know, it is called ayam kalasan as it remains in coconut milk aka santen! That's why its flavor was so deliciously oily and salty. You can have this menu with IDR 9.500.

I went there on the next days and realized that they don't serve lalapan menu only. They have nasi cap cay, tumis sawi and many Asian cuisine. However, its price range is faintly expensive for anak kos yang sukanya ganti menu setiap kali makan.

2. Bakso Damas - Soekarno Hatta

Various Kind of Bakso

I was freaking scared to eat bakso in Jakarta. Not only because of its unreasonable price, but also due to its probability of using borax. Therefore, I was immensely happy when Kochan agree to fulfill my longing of the real bakso malang, bukan bakwan malang khasnya orang Jakarta -_-" This place actually have a lot of stores, but at that time we went to its Soekarno Hatta point. The place is nicely small. They put a small pond and artificial waterfall there. Lucky us to get there half an hour before dinner time, so that we didn't have to take a part in their long queue. The order system here is not like the common restaurant where you can make order based on the menu list. You are offered by various of bakso and friends here and you can take them as much as you like. I was like possessed by a greediness spirit. I didn't only eat a bowl of bakso which contains of 4 bakso, 1 tahu cokelat, 2 siomay, and 1 long siomay (IDR 15.000), but also a shared bowl of bakso goreng, paru goreng, and various-of-fried-stuffs (IDR 11.000). It answers how I could get my 3 kilos on two weeks indeed. It tasted unquestionably pleasant and we were greatly contended by its foods and its relaxed ambience. 

3. Heiss Coffee - Jl. Kalpataru
Strawberry Pancake and Chocolate Pancake
Chocolate Rum
When I was a college girl, 2 years ago, I ever visited this place once with Ussi. At that time, its place was in front of ruko on the edge of the Permata Jingga street. It provided carpet which cover the asphalt paths. In which they put a short table and we can sit in font of that table without a chair, alias lesehan! This arrangement is surprisingly common for second-rate coffee shops in Malang. The thing which made Heiss Coffee different from others was their beautiful decoration like artificial sakura tree and classic high lamp. Now, they change its location in a garage of a house, maybe the owner's house. They still put a lovely decoration there. I was hellbent on getting to this place every time I passed in front of this place with Kochan. We finally have a coffee time there 2 days ago. Unfortunately, its service was disappointing. They didn't serve half of their menu! Besides, their pancake was served coldly. How  poor! Based on Kochan's observation, its chocolate rum was made by chocolate powder in which they put rum to create a good fragnant. This place is like mati segan hidup tak mau! I think, that would be our last time went there. Well, a plate of that kind of pancake was IDR 7.500 and its chocolate rum costs IDR 9.500

4. Hot Cui Mie Gloria - Malang Town Square
Hot Cui Mie Udang-Something
This restaurant has a quite famous Cui Mie in Malang. However, it was my first time eat something there. It is located on food court area Matos and I was really confused to choose something to eat. I was hypnotized by its picture on the menu list and decided to try its delicious hot cui mie as everyone told so. There were 4 choices for its hot cui mie: chicken, mushroom, prawn, and nugget prawn. In order to make a safe choice, I ordered Hot Cui Mie Chicken, but the kismet had a different intention. That menu was not on the stock. Soooo, I chose the weirdest one, at least for me: Hot Cui Mie Udang Something yang bentuknya ternyata kayak nugget udang! Haha it looked like a perfect hot cui mie I ever met, but when it comes to my mouth....... there's nothing special on it. Kuahnya biasaaaa.. Mienya biasaaaaa.. Udangnya juga biasaaaa, agak aneh malahan :( I don't know whether there's something wrong on my appetite or I ordered a not-recommended menu. One thing for sure, I think I was really over-expected at that time. The costs of this Hot Cui Mie Udang-Something is IDR 17.500

5. Home Made Food
Kochan is fond of home made food. He prefers to cook something by ourselves rather than eat out. As my cooking ability increases as I read a lot of recipes, I was confident enough to cook something with him. And our first menu was Tumis Brokoli Paprika. Our adventure started in Pasar Blimbing to buy the ingredients. As usual, it didn't went smooth and we, hot-headed couple, had a rough path to get the right ingredients. First, we searched for Broccoli and Paprika! We got 1 kilos (3 batang) of broccoli for IDR 12.000 and 1 paprika for IDR 6.000. We thought that that price was too expensive for traditional market's price range. However, we still bought them eventhough we felt like fooled ones. We continued our adventure by buying a leek. I am such a person who like following recipes in detail, while Kochan is a flexible one. If it is said 1 leek, I'll buy 1 leek only eventhough the price is cheaper when we buy quarter a kilo :P As the ingredients were completed, we started cooking. The cooking session was done frantically. The broccoli cut was too big, the royco was too much, but over all it was still eatable :P And we really love the color scheme of this menu :)) Here it is, our first try!

Tumis Brokoli Paprika
We actually have already made a number of home made food since the first, but you know, the first is always the special one :) We dream to have a big pantry which is fully equipped with good quality kitchenware in the future. I think we can be the best chef in our own home ;)

So, that was my short recap about some foods in Malang. I realize it's a bit boring to see food here, food there.. Maybe I can add some photos which portrayed myself and Kochan much more next time ;)