Sep 2, 2013

Another Sunday in Batu

Yay! I finally went to Alun-alun Kota Wisata Batu after bury this desire for years *lebay* :p However, it actually was not a well-planned trip. Kochan and I had some business to do up there 2 weeks ago and I planned this visitation just a moment after we finished our things ;) It initially was a common alun-alun with some big trees and some benches. This place was renovated in 2011 if I'm not mistaken. The government remodeled Batu's alun-alun with a modern architectural design and added a medium-size of Ferris Wheel at the center of it. This awesome place becomes a tourist magnet since then. I was still a college girl and stayed in Malang at that time, but had no spare time and great desire to go there because of its crowds. This desire eventually grew bigger and bigger since I moved back to Jakarta. Haha kinda curious about this place after heard and saw many photos of those who ever visited this place. So, there I was... Alun-alun Kota Wisata Batu!

I honestly do not have guts to take picture of me myself alone in crowds!
That's why I got my eyes rolled all over the place and stiff gesture haha.. 

This was the cart which turned us upside down!
ou only have to pay 3.000 IDR for one turn of Ferris Wheel.

The cart has seat on each side and the bad thing is I can't sit next to Kochan for the sake of cart's balance. Haha it was slightly difficult for us to take photos of two because we have to lean our body to the cart's pivot -_-

 Those are things you can see up there: parking lot, part of alun-alun, and also Masjid Raya Batu. There are actually more things we could enjoy when we were at the top of Ferris Wheel. Unfortunately, the cart has blurred plastic window, so that we couldn't take those breathtaking scenery.

Introducing Ketan Keju Susu Coklat!
I don't know when exactly Ketan and its various toppings became a popular food here! You can try it at Pos Ketan Legenda Batu which is located next to Alun-alun Batu. Its price is quite affordable! Only 5.000 IDR for this menu :D Surprisingly, it tastes well!

So it was another pleasant Sunday in Batu :))