Apr 23, 2014

The Wedding!

Hey, sorry I've been off blogging for couple of months and here I am.. Finally married. To whom? To the one and only Kochan for sure :) Wedding preparationnya gimana? Wah jangan ditanya deh, we were freaking busy on the last two months. We even didn't have time to take care of ourselves. But it was paid off at the wedding day. Yay!

Here some photos, soalnya no pic=hoax! :P

Thank God, Thea si teman sedari SMA yang domisilinya nun jauh di Jakarta ga mau kelewatan jadi saksi hidup di wedding day gue.. Dateng sepaket sama Chandranya. Dimanfaatkann dong yaa pastinya skill motret2nya Chandra. Itung2 wedding gift lah dari mereka --> maksa ;) 

Here some post-wedding shots taken by Chandra from 7Alt Photography --> Buat yang domisili Jakarta dan mau foto pre-wed, monggo lho ceki2 portofolionya 7Alt :D

And yes, this was one of the best day I ever experienced in my life. Once in a lifetime.